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Fix Fluff Words – 14 Fillers for Writers to Avoid

(part 1)

By Kris Maze

Cutting out filler in your novel isn’t easy. Taking the time to tighten up your writing can make readers buy your books and turn an editor’s tired eye. How can writers take a thorough approach to editing out extraneous words?… Read the post

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Tools of the Trade to Supercharge Your Writing

by Lisa Norman

I've been providing technical support for computers and software in various forms since the 1980s, and for most of that time I've worked with writers. As a writer and an indie publisher, I'm fascinated by the tools authors use to create books.… Read the post

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How to Use a Writer’s Intuition to Strike Creative Gold

Colleen M. Story

I recently spent a good six months struggling to make progress on my next novel. The sole reason: I couldn’t hear what my writer’s intuition was telling me.

In an effort to solve the problem, I returned to craft, seeking solutions in plot, characterization, and timelines.… Read the post

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