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First Page Critique

I'm ready for more first page submissions! Just copy and paste your first page into the body of an email, and send it to: LauraDrake@LauraDrakeBooks.com

I can't promise to use yours - I'm choosing them mostly for what lessons they can teach.Read the post

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First Page Critique

This month I chose an ‘en media res’ beginning. They can be fast-moving and titillating – but they're not easy! You need to clearly lay out the stakes, and since you don’t have time to flesh out a character, (and make us care about them) at least give us a rough idea of who the characters are, and lay the emotion!Read the post

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New WITS Feature: First Page Critique

I'm trying a new series here on WITS, where I'll crit a submitted first page. More on how to get your work considered below. In the meantime, let's jump right in!

I believe we learn best, by example.

The following is from a brave WITS follower who agreed to go first ~ Dilly dilly to her/him!… Read the post

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