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The Body Language Of Fear: Beyond “Lions and Tigers And Bears, Oh My!”

Lisa Hall-Wilson

Boo! What better day to write about the body language of fear than the scariest day of the year!

Fun Fact: Fear and excitement create the exact same physiological response. What I mean by that is our bodies react the same way to both emotions.… Read the post

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It's Halloween! Get Your Spooky On...

Via Lynn Kelley, WANA Commons

In honor of Halloween, we decided to take a hiatus from the norm to tell ghost stories!  But they're all true. So sit back, enjoy, and relax . . . if you can!


Orly Konig-Lopez

A group of us were headed to a party at a friend’s house.… Read the post

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A Cauldron of Spooky Words for Your Halloween

By Sharla Rae

You gotta love Halloween. After all, it’s why I’m giving you my Spooky Word List this month.

The truth is, writers enjoy Halloween every time they write. It’s the fun part of our jobs. We don the temporary skins/costumes of our characters, and from the safety of our computer desks, we might also jump into unpleasant or scary situations.… Read the post

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