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5 Things Good Writers Just Can't Control

by Colleen M. Story

One of the things we have to learn as writers is how to take control of our writing careers.

Nothing happens unless we power the machine, so to speak. It’s one of the lessons of writing—we have to be self-motivated and self-directed.… Read the post

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How to Overcome Obstacles to Writing, Part 2

by Ellen Buikema

There are times when a writer is stuck, not because of a lack of content, but due to fear that their work isn’t good enough for anyone else to read.

Writing, in some ways, is an act of love.… Read the post

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A Creative Way to Handle Query Rejections

by Karen DeBonis

When I became serious about finishing my memoir, I also became serious about writing and submitting essays for publication as a means to build my credentials. My rational brain understood that competition was tough. My irrational heart did a poor job of managing its expectations.… Read the post

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When Rejection Becomes Connection

by K. Maze

The alternate title for this post could have been "How I Found My Publisher Through Rejection."

In 2015 I wrote a YA Thriller focused around the kidnapping of teen characters involved in the theater. I researched thoroughly, interviewed detectives, and hired an editor who helped me through to the end.… Read the post

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How to Beat Your "Negativity Bias"

Tasha Seegmiller

Overcoming Negativity

When I was just starting on my writing journey, I attended a workshop where a children’s book writer and illustrator said something along the lines of, “If you like to do anything besides writing, do that.”

Writing is hard.… Read the post

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