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An Agent’s Take on Hybrid Authors

Amanda Luedeke

Ever wondered what agents think about hybrid authors? Ever been too afraid to ask, thinking the very idea of hybrid publishing an insult to the traditional side of the business? Well, fear no longer, because most agents I know fully support the hybrid author model.Read the post

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How to Show Up for the Best Job Ever

Writing is the Best Job Ever!

Where else can you show up to your desk for work in your comfortable robe and slippers? No commute, no bossy co-workers, no meetings.

Writing is a great excuse to get out of social obligations -"I'm working on deadline"- and the perfect write-off for visiting, uh-researching, areas of interest.… Read the post

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QR Codes ~ A Sexy Marketing Technique for Your Books

Scan this!

by Jenny Hansen

What happens when you hold your iPhone up and click that weird looking square on the left?

You see these in magazines, at the grocery store, on clothing labels, and YES, in the back of eBooks.

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Traditional…POD…Indie – OH MY! Publishing Choices, Part 2 by Susan Spann

Last month’s The Lady or the Tiger kicked off my guest-series on Publishing Choices by talking about authors’ need to take responsibility for their choices and careers. Today we’ll take a closer look at some of those options.

Twenty years ago, being an author (or novelist) always meant your work was produced in printed form by a traditional publishing house.… Read the post

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Debra Holland Looks Back At Her Self-Publishing Journey in 2011

We're proud to have with us today, Debra Holland, a Golden Heart winner, whose book was NOT picked up for NY publication. They said "sweet" historicals wouldn't sell. Well, as you'll read, they made an error. One that Debra is capitalizing on.… Read the post

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