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How To Get Attention (without mooning the Police) 

by Jaime Buckley

close up of police lights

The need for attention is a human trait we all share. It feeds our souls and validates our hearts. 

... unfortunately, some become addicted and need a shot of rehab.

Morphiophelius Smith

My little brother and I ran for cover once we saw the red and blue lights. … Read the post

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The Power of Certainty-A Reality Where Success Is Inevitable

by Jaime Buckley

road next to a sign that says Success Ahead

You and I need to have a conversation.

It’s about time, ya know.

I watch you putting forth so much effort, weaving your creativity, shaping your ideas, but then you stress.

You wonder if you’re doing the right thing.… Read the post

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Two Success Factors No One Wants To Talk About

by Jaime Buckley

New writers often have questions. We want to understand the path to walk so we can find success.

Thing is, ‘success’ has various definitions, depending upon who you ask. You and I are motivated by different things, and this complicates conversations between writers.… Read the post

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Compromise Is A Four Letter Word

by Jaime Buckley

Jaime Buckley cartoon character behind is holding a sign that says "creator"

I was asked to do this article, and I thought it was a mistake. Attempting to write something, to say something profound or inspiring, that belief intensified. Sitting alone in my office, looking at the creations that fed and clothed my family for decades, the truth poked its head out from the collections and waved tiny fingers at me.… Read the post

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