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Stories "Once Removed"

by James R. Preston

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In Mel Brooks’ Young Frankenstein, Gene Wilder in the title role finds a book called How I Did It by Victor Frankenstein. Needless to say, he’s pretty excited. 

As writers, we are about books. Let’s step back and talk about some of them.… Read the post

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5 Tips to Manage the Book Galley Journey

by James R. Preston

Once you finish your story, the penultimate step, proofing the nasty thing one more time may feel a bit like a chore. You can practically recite all of your sparkling dialog and dazzling descriptions, so how can you read it again and this time look for comma splices?Read the post

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3 Common Traps That Can Hurt Your Story (And How to Avoid Them)

by James Preston

Let’s go. Let’s take a walk, you and I. Let’s visit a haunted house in the world we love, the theme park that we make called Storyland.

Come with me. We’ll use real-life examples, poking gentle fun at some people who have fallen victim to the spooks.… Read the post

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Who’s in Charge Of Your Story?

by James Preston

Remember that great scene in “Jaws” 1 -– no, not “We’re gonna need a bigger boat” -- where Robert Shaw and Richard Dreyfuss are showing each other their scars? Well, I’m going to do that in this essay.… Read the post

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Get Out from Behind the Keyboard

by James R. Preston

“Real writers just write.” 

“Chain yourself to the keyboard and type till your fingers bleed.”

“You need a seatbelt. Stay in front of the keyboard.”

“Just tell your hoodlum friend outside you ain’t got time to take a ride.”

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