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10 Common Corrections I Make When Copyediting

Julie Glover

Whether the manuscript is a historical romance, an urban fantasy, or a contemporary teen novel, I've learned to expect certain errors when copyediting. They are so common and understandable that they appear in most manuscripts—including my own.

It's a good idea for writers to look for these mistakes themselves, before handing the manuscript over to a copyeditor.… Read the post

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What Do You Need to Write Regularly?

by Julie Glover

“I need to write!” How often do I say that to myself? How often do you say that to yourself?

It can be a challenge to find the time, space, and motivation to write. Let’s tackle each of those and address getting what we need to write regularly.… Read the post

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The 14 Most Successful WITS Blogs This Year

Every so often, I jump into the archives to see what is and isn't working here at Writers In the Storm. I look closely at the posts that are getting more attention to determine whether we should ask the contributor to continue with a series on a topic or whether there might be a tie-in with a current post.… Read the post

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The Social Side of Social Media for Writers

by Julie Glover

Social media can be a fantastic way for authors to connect with resources, share about their books, promote events, and more. But there's another aspect of social media for writers—the social part.

I've experienced many benefits of making friends online.… Read the post

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5 More Quick Dialogue Tips: Round 2

By Julie Glover

The last time I was here, I gave five quick tips from my workshop on “Writing Dialogue That’s Real But Even Better.” But there are ten tips in that presentation, so here are the second five!

Remember, all of these are subtle changes that, over the course of a novel, add up to a smoother and better read.Read the post

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