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5 Tips to Boost Your Professional Writing Cred

by Lori Freeland  

Whether you’ve just joined the writing world or you’ve been around awhile, you’ve probably figured out that good writing takes time and practice. Thankfully, it’s a skill like any other and can be honed. While some parts may come naturally, others will need to be learned.… Read the post

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Not Just Another Post on POV

by Lori Freeland

Viewer as a metaphor for point of view

If you’ve whipped around the writing block a time or two, you may have lots of experience with POV. If this is your initial test drive, you might be Googling—P . . . O . . . What?… Read the post

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To Comma, or Not to Comma (Part 4)

By Lori Freeland

Are you a comma criminal? Do you steal commas from places where they really need to stay? Or maybe you’re a comma enthusiast and stick them in wherever you “feel” they need to be? If you said yes to one or both, you’re not alone.… Read the post

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To Comma, or Not to Comma (Part 3)

by Lori Freeland

Commas cause confusion. I think we can all agree on that. It doesn’t matter if we write fiction, nonfiction, articles, blogs, or news stories. Even English teachers sometimes struggle. And while the comma may be a tiny piece of punctuation, it does pack a pretty powerful punch.… Read the post

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To Comma, or Not to Comma (Part 2)

by Lori Freeland

Image for To Comma, or not to comma shows the title over the photograph of a man's hand holding a pen and editing a manuscript.

Welcome to comma central, where we’re talking about all things comma. Among most writers, you’ll find a consensus when it comes to this tiny, ambiguous mark. They don’t like it. It’s too confusing. When do you use it?… Read the post

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