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Love or Hate 'em Sometimes a Prologue is Needed

by Lynette M. Burrows

Close up photograph of a woman's hand on the first page of a book, her fingertips are just under the word "prologue."

Rumor has it that agents and editors hate prologues. The truth is agents and editors are readers. Some readers love a good prologue, others will never read a prologue. The same is true of publishing houses.

Prologues aren’t bad per se…but they are tricky to get right.… Read the post

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WITS Event: Double The Love + New Website

Since the beginning here at Writers in the Storm, we've been all about spreading the love. And every so often, we throw the doors open for some shameless self-promotion opportunities for our readers. Our only requirement for those glorious days -- formerly called "Pimp & Promote" -- is that they double the love and promote someone else's work alongside their own.… Read the post

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The 2021 WITS Team Gives Writerly Thanks

Today at Writers In The Storm we’re giving thanks for the “writerly” people and things that help us put words on the page. One of the things we're grateful for are the two new team members -- Lynette Burrows and Lisa Norman -- who have joined the behind-the-scenes team here at WITS.… Read the post

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