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Tag: Overcoming Writer's Block

Address the Root Causes and Unlock Your Writer's Block
Image is of a orange striped road block barrier with a sign reading Writer's Block in large letters.

There is a great deal written about the malady called Writer’s Block. Most of it is a dire warning that this could happen to you and how it cripples you and your career. It’s frightening. That’s unfortunate because it sets up writers to expect the same thing will happen to them.… Read the post

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The Dumb Stories We Tell Ourselves and What To Do About Them

by Johnny B. Truant

What are the stories writers tell themselves

I’ve always had trouble coming up with ideas. It’s my constant weakness. Give me an idea and I can articulate the hell out of it, finding all sorts of interesting nuance that bears on the story. But ask me to come up with ideas?… Read the post

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Guess Who’s in the Driver’s Seat of Your Creativity?

by Holly Lasky

Photo of a young man in front of his laptop computer.

The path to understanding and having creative flow is about knowing the origin of and what to do when you don’t have creative flow. Guess who's in the driver's seat of your creativity?

What do you do when you’re blocked, staring at an empty page waiting to be filled with your brilliance and genius and are coming up with……nothing?… Read the post

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Dear Writer, What Causes Burnout?

by Kris Maze

There are several possible causes of Burnout and some are listed below.  This list is only a sample of what could trigger Writer Burnout.

Whatever you think your cause may be, know that each of us is unique.… Read the post

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It's Okay To Fall Down

by Jenny Hansen

I just watched a video by one of my favorite motivational speakers, Simon Sinek, where he states: "There is a big difference between 'falling' and 'failing.'"

How powerful is that? So many authors suffer terrible anxiety over their fear of failure.… Read the post

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