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13 Tips to Create Irresistible Stories with Powerful Pacing
Image is left to right yellow transitioning to orange. It reads "In every story there's a time to be..." with the drawing of a blue bunny running with the word "fast" behind him. Then the words "and a time to be" with a drawing of a tortoise and the word "slow" above him.

Nearly every aspect of life has pacing. Flowers bloom, seed, and wither. The seasons pass one after the other. The pacing of poetry and music sings to us. And pacing is a fundamental element of storytelling. 

It doesn’t matter if you write long or short forms or in which genre you write.… Read the post

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5 Ways To Practice The Art of Double-Duty Writing

by Susan Squires

As I was preparing a workshop for the California Dreamin' Conference, I began to think about the concept of making one element of your work, whether scene, sentence or character, do double duty. I've decided that this concept may be one of the "secrets of the writing universe."… Read the post

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