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How to Write a Book in a Day

by Nick Thacker

That’s right. 80,000 words. 16 hours. One book. 

What I (and many others) thought was impossible turned out to be possible (though exhausting!) with the help of one often-overlooked tool: 


Now, I’m not talking about running a country — I’m referring to speaking or talking our text aloud, into a recorder or microphone, to be transcribed live or later. … Read the post

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10 Ways to Keep Your Writing Time & Minimize Interruptions

By Kris Maze     

November is a time of reflection. A time to enjoy the harvest of hard work, to appreciate others, and to show gratitude. Writers multi-task various jobs, care for others, and focus on our works-in-progress, but sometimes we need a tune-up.… Read the post

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