January 27th, 2016

Social Media Tips for Keeping your Sanity

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Blogging Guests

Sierra Godfrey

If you’re anything like me, January isn’t so much a chance for resolutions and fresh starts as it is a reminder that now is no time to slack off. Things are still crazy!

For my part, I never make resolutions because I dislike it when I break them—but this January I did get really organized.… Read the post

July 29th, 2015

The Art of the Flashback

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Sierra Godfrey

Flashbacks can explain a lot about your character. Adding them into your story often gives the reader a glimpse of the texture that explains why your character does what she does—and goodness knows, we spend a lot of time thinking about how our characters got to where they are when we start telling their stories.… Read the post

April 29th, 2015

Author swag and how to swing it

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Author Marketing

Sierra Godfrey

Recently, I saw a question raised about promotional items for authors: “How on earth do I go about getting them done?”

The question was raised over on the highly popular new Facebook group for the Womens’ Fiction Writers Association (WFWA), and there were a lot of great answers.… Read the post

January 28th, 2015

Research trips: No passport required

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Writing Craft

Sierra Godfrey

Remember when you booked a flight to Marseille, France for research purposes? You toured Fort Saint-Jean, strolled around the Vieux Port, and lunched on bouillabaisse at a charming little café in Old Le Panier? Or how about the way the fishing boats sounded when they chug-chug-chugged into the harbor and the fishermen poured their catches into light-blue tables for people to come and buy right off the boat?… Read the post


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