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Crossing Physical Barriers: NYT Bestseller Interviews

The winner of Cynthia D'Alba's giveaway, determined by Random.org, is Mary. Congratulations! Cynthia is waiting for you to contact her with your information.

by Tiffany Lawson Inman

Welcome to Part Three of Crossing Physical Barriers. Surprise! I’ve decided to add an interview segment into this series.… Read the post

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Crossing Physical Barriers in Fiction - Part 2

By Tiffany Lawson Inman

Well gosh, I started to write this blog and realized I jumped the gun during Crossing Physical Barriers in Fiction Part One, when I opened these two topics:

  • Emotional intensity of fictional fights
  • The moment before the fight

medium_9925230863Completely skipping the moment before the actual writing of the fight.Read the post

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Emotional Barriers in Fiction: Intro to Emotional Channels (Part Three)

Happy Turkey Day Eve!

No time to talk turkey today - I know most of you need to get back to the last lap of NaNoWriMo. I am just going to jump right in with one of my favorite quotes about fiction writing from On Writing Horror, a book put together by The Horror Writers Association.… Read the post

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King of Dramatic Impact: Don’t Skip This Key Element of Fiction!

by Tiffany Lawson Inman

Going through life, we are always in a state of suspense. Mmmmm…yummy, suspense! According to Oxford dictionary: a state or feeling of excited or anxious uncertainty about what may happen.

Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

Life moments creating dramatic impact, small and large.… Read the post

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Seven Ways to Spark Your Writing with "Golden Lines"

by Fae Rowen

On the plane home from Atlanta in July, I re-read my notes and handouts, highlighting tips that resonated with me as I prepared for a major edit on my WIP. When I participated in the UC Irvine Writing Project, I learned the technique of highlighting a few word in an article, an essay, or short story that were lessons for me and my writing.… Read the post

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