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Emotional Barrier in Fiction: After You Cross It, What’s Next? (Part Two)

Today Tiffany Lawson Inman is continuing the discussion of the emotional barrier in fiction. If you missed Part One on Wednesday, click here.

We're lucky not only to have Tiffany share her knowledge with us, but she's giving away a "seat" in her next online class at the Lawson Writers Academy on this very subject to a commenter from Part One or Part Two. Read the post

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Emotional Barrier in Fiction: Why is it so important for you to learn how to cross it? (Part One)

We are fortunate to get a double-dose of Tiffany Lawson Inman this week with her insights on the emotional barrier in fiction. Look for Part Two on Friday. Oh, and read on. Tiffany's offering a "seat" for one lucky commenter to her next online class at the Lawson Writers Academy.… Read the post

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Worse Than a Cliché

Welcome to the last Friday of the month with contributing word wizardess Tiffany Lawson Inman. We look forward to Tiffany's magic to transform mundane writing to the realms of marvelous. And she's donating a three-page edit to a very lucky reader.Read the post

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Dialogue is King

By Tiffany Lawson Inman

In theatre, dialogue is king. It is the lifeline of the story.  Character's lines bouncing back and forth between each other.  Confiding, conspiring, commiserating, coercing, or caring.  Dialogue works to create emotion, conflict, show character, and it always moves the dramatic action forward.… Read the post

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13 Step Starter Guide to America’s Next Top…Novel?

by Tiffany Lawson Inman

I know, I know. I usually get on here the last Friday of the month and stretch all of your neurons in 6 directions at once. (you are very welcome!)  Today’s post is a little different.

I’ve got my brain buzzing with wrapping up Madness to Method , revving up for 77 Secrets to Writing YA Fiction that Sells, editing a paranormal, and going to this weekends’ ACFW retreat.… Read the post

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