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Tag: Understanding publishing contracts

The Intimidating Business Details of Contracts

by Laura Vanarendonk Baugh

Contract with pen for signing

GOOD MORNING, WRITERS! Today’s topic is Intimidating Business Details, and I’m your host, Laura VanArendonk Baugh!

Not like it’s not hard enough to develop a craft and manage time and set priorities and finally get a complete story on paper in a coherent form which someone other than your mother will also like, now we have to sell the darned thing.… Read the post

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It’s Valentine’s Day and all of us at WITS want to send our heartfelt thanks to our guest bloggers and our amazing readers. Virtual chocolate hearts for everyone!

by Susan Spann 

Even though copyright protection is automatic and attaches to qualifying works (like novels) at the time of creation, an author can—purposefully or accidentally—transfer those rights by contract.… Read the post

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Beware Of Kings With No Clothing - Calculation of Royalty Fees In Publishing Contracts

Writers In The Storm welcomes publishing attorney and author, Susan Spann. Susan  practices law in Sacramento, California. Her debut novel, tentatively titled SHINOBI, in which a Japanese ninja and a Portuguese priest must save a teahouse entertainer accused of murder, will be available in 2013 with St.… Read the post

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