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Discovering Story Magic: The X-Factor

by Laura Baker

There are two parts to a story: story and character.  They depend on each other to make the story whole.  But let’s depart from the usual and take a different look at the story and the character.

At the heart of every story is a character who faces a struggle and makes a discovery.

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Six Ways to fix Manuscript Problems with an Outline

by Kris Maze

A hammer and wrench lie on top of a silver computer keyboard

You typed your last keystroke of your manuscript. The room hums with the last words on the page. Celebrate and cha-cha around your living room. It’s a milestone, whether you've done it once or one million times. Take a break and share with someone! … Read the post

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5 Ways to Add Depth to a Scene

By Janice Hardy

A shallow scene keeps readers from diving into the story.

Years ago, when I was editing my debut novel for my agent (The Shifter for those curious), I struggled to fix a few weak areas in the beginning.… Read the post

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