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Lines We Love

For the week of Hearts and Flowers, WITS would like you to share a line of writing you love, your own or another's. Just one. We want to share our own favorite lines and hear about yours down in the comments.… Read the post

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Holiday Wishes for Our Readers

It's Christmas Day! Many of you are awash in gift wrap, opening up your pants' top button after a big meal, or cozying up on the couch where you plan to dive into a great novel.

Even if Christmas isn't your style, you've likely had some celebration this time of year ...… Read the post

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Reflecting and Goal Setting for Writers

Tasha Seegmiller

I started playing around with writing in 2010. I joined a critique group about a year later, and with a few exceptions for LIFE, we have met every two weeks to exchange pages. In that time, three of us signed with agents (myself included), one of us self-published three books.… Read the post

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Saying "No" to Get Your More Important "Yes"

Julie Glover

My name is Julie, and I'm a recovering plate-juggler.

Photo credit: ranczandras, deposit photos

And by "recovering," I mean I couldn't even get my 30-day chip in this program. I have serious trouble with taking on far more than I can handle, and my list of ideas and projects rivals St.… Read the post

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Channel Your Strengths, Even When You Don’t Feel Strong

I haven’t felt strong since May 15.

If you don’t know about the tragedy in my life, brace yourself for devastating news.

My husband died in an airplane crash. And his death changed me, forever.

But when needed, I can be strong.… Read the post

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