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When Giving Up Is Not an Option

Leslie Marshman

Life is unpredictable. For writers, its capriciousness can be especially difficult because it influences not only our ability, but also our desire, to create. More than one writer reading this has at some point wanted to quit writing for good.… Read the post

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What Would Your TED Talk Be?

Julie Glover

Photo by Matthias Wagner on Unsplash

Please tell me I'm not the only one who has asked herself the question: If I got to do a TED Talk, what would I say?

Some of you reading this may have actually done a TED Talk.… Read the post

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Change Your Path by Stepping Away

Christina Delay

As creative people, we often receive advice about the importance of taking breaks, walks, and time away to allow our creativity to simmer and rejuvenate. But I bet most of us have a really hard time actually taking time for ourselves.… Read the post

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Dare to Be Vulnerable in Your Writing

Laura Drake

I had no idea what I was going to write about this month. I felt like I'd done it all. Then I read Jenny's post from Brené Brown (If you haven't read it, it's HERE). #7 hit me in the heart.… Read the post

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Yes, Virginia, You Are a Writer: Five Steps to Embracing Your Identity

Kerry Schafer

Why is it so damned difficult to believe that we are really writers?

I was discussing imposter syndrome recently with a highly successful author who has two bestselling non-fiction books out and is in the middle of an extensive, publisher supported tour.… Read the post

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