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A Writerly End-of-the-Year Checklist for 2022

by Kris Maze

Most writers struggle to find enough time to get all their projects accomplished. Adding other author related tasks can eat away at precious writing time, regardless of your writing style or organization skills level. Whether your plotlines must be prefect before you begin a story or you’re a seat-of-your-pants pantser, all writers can benefit from taking a solid moment to reflect on their past year. … Read the post

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Write a Better Fiction Story by Finding its Beating Heart

by Sandy Vaile

pulse trace of a beating heart on a heart monitor

Every story has a beating heart that gives it purpose. It’s the vision that keeps all the working parts of a novel focused on what really matters, enabling the author to outline more easily and write a purposeful story.… Read the post

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Sweet, Scary, or Some of Each

by Laurie Schnebly Campbell

Image is of a little girl in a black witch costume with her wand raised and stars swooping from her wand to the open book in front of her for a sweet, scary, or some of each beginning.

Whether or not you have trick-or-treaters approaching your house tonight, you already know how you're going to entice them toward your door for treats or a good scare. Or how you're going to indicate "no point stopping here, just move along."… Read the post

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3 Principles to Make Your Story Experience as Real-to-Life as Possible

by Stefan Emunds

Image illustrates Storytelling and Psychology — The Yin and Yang of Storytelling with a photo like picture of a bald head with two faces, one red and one blue.

This is the second article of the article series The Yin and Yang Relationship of Psychology and Storytelling. The first article covered how to engage readers. You can read it here.

Why Do Writers Need to Know Psychology?

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Make Music with Character Voices

by Lynette M. Burrows

Are your characters two-dimensional? Do they all sound like you and only you? Tune in to the music of character voices, make them sound more like the different instruments of a band or orchestra. Make music with your character voices and your readers won’t be able to get enough of the stories you write.… Read the post

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