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Beguile Your Readers with Tension, Suspense, and Conflict

Part One

Some of if not the most important storytelling concepts a writer needs to understand are the concepts of tension, suspense, and conflict in stories. Those three things can captivate your audience and keep them turning pages. However, the concepts overlap enough to cause confusion.… Read the post

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Ways to Know Your Characters, Part 1- Background

by Ellen Buikema

As a writer, you have the power to create new worlds filled with characters, places, and plots. 

To make sure your readers emotionally invest in the characters you create, you need to develop interesting ones so your readers will connect with them on a personal level.… Read the post

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Increasing the Emotional Impact of Your Story

by Angela Ackerman

Image titled Reader Impact shows a half-round meter with 6 sections in colors from orange to green (left to right) . Section labels rom left to right read,   "throws book away," "DNF book", "Thought it was so-so," "Satisfied reader," h"ooked, buys the next one," "Tells others to read it."

What do the most successful, memorable novels out there have in common? Emotional impact. The reader becomes so connected to the story, characters, and world they feel something profound as they read. 

This is no surprise because emotions are central to the human experience.… Read the post

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Uncovering the truth behind “Write what you know”

by Miffie Seideman

Mark Twain quote - write what you know

If you’ve been penning stories for any length of time, you’ve already been exposed to countless writing tips. One such tip is “Write what you know.” This well-meaning phrase is not only often misunderstood, but also creates angst and even creative blocks among writers. … Read the post

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Mastering Character Evolution: A Powerful Ladder of Choice

by Laurie Schnebly Campbell

The picture is of a person sitting midway on a staircase in space. The individual is looking out into the vastness of the universe.

Imagine a book like this.

First page: We see Alex being crowned Ruler of the Empire, it’s thrilling!
Second page: Alex is kidnaped by terrorists from Alpha Centauri, terrifying!
Third page: Alex escapes and an hour later wins the Nobel Prize, amazing!… Read the post

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