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The Boss Fight, Sherpas, and the Devil’s in the Details

by James R. Preston

Photograph looking down a rocky alpine slope at a mountain climber on a rope.

”Left, James, swing left!”

I pushed off and swung left just as a boulder the size of a refrigerator hurtled down the cliff toward me.

One of the principles of adult training is called the WIIFM, which is an acronym for What’s In It For Me.… Read the post

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When Your Obsession Becomes a Profession

by Jenn Windrow

I've been an avid reader since I was a little girl. It was a way for a shy, introverted child to find new worlds, new friends, and new adventures. I loved going to the library on the weekends with my grandfather and picking out books to read.… Read the post

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The Importance of Great Mentors (for You AND Your Books)

by Jenny Hansen

Do you have a great mentor?

All of us here at Writers In the Storm know that veteran-WITS contributor, Julie Glover, is both funny and wise. She and I were talking about the importance of mentors and she made this observation:

"Being storytellers, we're likely all fans of a good mentor.… Read the post

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A Writerly End-of-the-Year Checklist for 2022

by Kris Maze

Most writers struggle to find enough time to get all their projects accomplished. Adding other author related tasks can eat away at precious writing time, regardless of your writing style or organization skills level. Whether your plotlines must be prefect before you begin a story or you’re a seat-of-your-pants pantser, all writers can benefit from taking a solid moment to reflect on their past year. … Read the post

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Writing How-To: Put Ground Under Their Feet
Image of three pairs of legs stuck through some kind of railing so the feet wearing sneakers and sandals  are dangling in the air with no ground beneath their feet.

A frequent piece of advice writers get is to put ground under the feet of their characters. Yet, advice on how to do that is limited or confusing. Often taking the advice literally, writers attempt to make certain the reader knows where the character is physically.… Read the post

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