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I DARE YOU: The Strange Beginning of an Amazing Journey

by Rebecca Forester

Photograph from out on a blue ocean toward a strip of green hills with sandy beaches. A hand holds a marker and is circling the hand lettered words "challenge accepted with red marker.

I have never kept journals. I did not dream of being a writer. I am a disappointment to 90% of the writing community and probably considered blasphemous by some, when I admit my career started as a joke. … Read the post

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Put Your Life into Your Writing

by Eldred Bird

Writing in a pub with a beer

One piece of advice a lot of writers (including me) get tired of hearing is to write what you know. It’s always felt very limiting to me. I’m more of a “do the research and write what you want to know” kind of person.… Read the post

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The Tyranny of FOMO

by Amy Winters-Voss

Hands up signifying someone drowning in a pool.

Writers have to juggle a myriad of tasks beyond the hard work of drafting and editing our books. There’s increased pressure to post to social media, produce novels faster, learn to do cover art, absorb how to do ads and marketing, keeping up with our audience via newsletters, ensuring you have a catchy reader magnet, tackling the changing demands of publishers and book distribution, and a dizzying array of additional tasks.… Read the post

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4 Planning Strategies to Write a Compelling Novel

by Sandy Vaile

Plan your novel, typewriter with Chapter One

You are in the right place if you are preparing to write a novel and want to set yourself up for success. Whether you're a seasoned writer or taking your first steps into the world of fiction, one truth remains constant: successful storytelling begins long before the first words grace the page.Read the post

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The Torment and Bliss of the Crappy First Draft 
Photo of a writer slumped over her desk in front of her laptop. She's surrounded by wads of paper, a lamp, a coffee cup, a mobile phone, and an old-style telephone.

You sit down to write but no words come. Or you grind out a few dozen or hundreds of words, then delete them all because the structure wasn’t there or the characters weren’t right or the sentences were crap. You bemoan the fact that writing is hard and you think maybe this writing gig isn’t for you.… Read the post

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