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February 10, 2012

Valentine’s Day? Already?

by Charlotte Carter 

I don’t know about you, but I’m still vacuuming up tinsel and pine needles.

In stores, Christmas decorations were shoved out one door and Valentine’s hearts were brought in the other, leaving only a brief window to celebrate New Year’s Day. Time is simply flying by too fast.

Still, I am a romance writer. Valentine’s Day represents the forever kind of love. So I hark back to yesteryear (Chuck and I have been married a long time!) when my husband and I were dating. He brought me flowers and took me out to a nice dinner. Perfect and romantic.

By the time our second Valentine’s Day rolled around, we were married and living in Anchorage, Alaska. (I knew I’d found a good one and did not hesitate to say ‘I do.’) On Valentine’s Day I gave him a card; he gave me . . . nothing!

Say what? Sheepishly, he admitted he thought Valentine’s Day was for couples who were dating. I quietly (but firmly) disabused him of that notion. Romance does not stop when you get married.

Fortunately, Chuck is a quick learner; he hasn’t missed a Valentine’s Day since. (And I’ve learned how to drop hints and reminders that are as subtle as a giant asteroid landing in our front yard.)

So I’m expecting a romantic card and flowers this Valentine’s Day. Rather than going out to dinner, which we do regularly anyway, I’ll cook a nice dinner at home and we’ll leave the crush of couples waiting in restaurants for tables to the dating crowd.

What’s your favorite memory of Valentine’s Day? How do you celebrate now with your significant other?

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0 comments on “Valentine’s Day? Already?”

  1. Our Valentine's Day usually consists of an evening of highly active children who don't want to go to bed and throw their toys all over the place. Plans for a nice romantic candelight dinner are interrupted by screams of "I have to go potty" from upstairs or the sounds of a baby banging his head on the crib in an attempt to escape.

    But at least there's chocolate.

  2. I'm wracking my brain for a favorite Valentine's Day memory and...yeah, nothing. We'll go out to dinner, but not on that day (too crowded). Don't get me wrong, I have a wonderful hubby. He likes to surprise me with presents on days when I least expect it. So instead of getting a gift on Valentine's Day, I might get a bracelet sometime in August. It's always a surprise, and how romantic is that? 🙂

    1. Charlotte, sorry to "tag" on to Melinda's comment. I've had issues with WP and not being able to leave comments on some blog. I can remember a particular Valentine ... received a dozen red roses and after I got over the thrill I noticed a glint on the stem of one rose.
      He had used a narrow white satin ribbon to tie a ring to the stem of one rose. That is my best Valentine memory 🙂

      1. Oooowheee.......Hard to beat a ring tied to the stem of a rose. (Don't tell hubby, but I think one rose is more sexy in some ways that a whole bouquet. Then again, a dozen ain't that bad. ) Char.......

  3. I agree Melinda and Charlotte - Valentine's Day is for Amateurs!
    Give me comfortable, broken-in-slippers kind of love!
    We don't need no stinking Valentine's Day to appreciate each other!

  4. I've never been a huge fan of Valentine's. Shouldn't we show our love for people every day?

    Plus, my wedding anniversary is at the end of the month so I save all the lovey dovey crap for then 😉

  5. My husband and I met a month before Valentines Day. I'd gotten out of one bad relationship and was truly gun shy so when I fell hard for Tony, I was scared spitless! We met at ball room dance lessons and he was helping the teacher. He was too good to be true, He could dance, was charming, took Karate and was built like a hunk. He couldn't be with me on Valentines Day and I was resigned to spend the day watching everyone else have a great day but me. Then two dozen long-stem roses and a touching note showed up at work. I was a gonner. 🙂 We don't always do much for Valentines these days, but we still turn on some music once in a while and cut the rug. For you youngsters, that's dance up a storm.

  6. I had broken up with my college boyfriend (of four years!) two months before Valentine's Day and had started dating a man who worked next door to me. When a beautiful arrangement of flowers from the old boyfriend arrived at my office on Valentine's Day, my new boyfriend saw them and asked who they were from. He looked really unhappy, so I lied. I told him they were from my dad. Less than five months later my new boyfriend and I were engaged. In twenty-six years I don't think I ever confessed. Uh-oh.

  7. My late husband loved Valentine's Day and every kind of holiday. He took me out to eat on the least excuse including Valentine's Day. He also was the kind to bring me presents at unexpected times. Days when I'd least expect them and often he would just leave them in unexpected places for me to find. We had forty-six years together and as he left this earth for a better place, I kept assuring him I would love him forever. Yes, sometimes there is a forever kind of love.

    1. I know it's not really a comfort when you're lonely, but how wonderful you were blessed with forty-six years of love together. So many people never get to experience such a wonderful form of caring and feeling. I'm sending you love and best wishes.

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