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November 25, 2015

WITS Gives Writerly Thanks

UnknownToday at Writers In The Storm we’re giving thanks for the “writerly” things that help us put words on the page. We're also opening the door for our readers! Share your gratitude for things large and small down in the comments.

Fae Rowen

Fae RowenI’m grateful for the usual suspects: the people who love me and my health. In addition, I’m grateful I "failed" at being a kitty foster mother by adopting the mother of the little family I sheltered for five weeks. Bella is learning how to be a beloved indoor cat.

My deepest appreciation this year, however, must go to everyone here at Writers in the Storm for supporting me through one of the hardest years I’ve had in recent memory. I must state how grateful I am to Laura, in particular, for listening, crying with me, and being the quintessential cheerleader to keep flaming my writing embers into sparks. She reflected my writing dream to me when I was in danger of quitting because life seemed too hard to enjoy my writing.  

I am so grateful that I am now able to write again, and that soon I’ll be with Laura on a cruise ship along with Margie Lawson and other very talented writers. Luckiest girl in the whole U.S.A!

*  *  *  *

JennyHansen_PicJenny Hansen

I’m giving thanks today that I survived these last few weeks of crazy work schedules, NaNoWriMo and a bout with sciatica. *shudders*. I'm also grateful that I'm surrounded by so much talent, creativity and competence here at WITS. I am continually blown away by all the talent hanging out here, and so full of gratitude for all the valuable writing advice shared by our contributors.

On another front, I'm delighted to have all my gluten free supplies waiting to be cooked for tomorrow’s Thanksgiving feast.

Happy Thankgiving, everyone!!

*  *  *  *


Laura Drake

I'm grateful for choice. As authors, we have more choices than ever.

I've been New York published for 7 books. I have a women's fiction novel under consideration with another. And I'm self pubbing my first novel within the next month or so.

I know it's tough to break out and sell a ton of books. But we have more avenues to do that than ever . . . I think it's the golden era for authors!

I'm taking a moment to be thankful for choice.

*  *  *  *

Orly Konig Lopez

orly1.jpgThis year I’m thankful for writing. Seriously. It’s been a very tumultuous year personally, and writing has been my therapy and my escape. I think through my fingers, so for me, writing has to happen. I don’t journal. I write fiction. I put my characters through whatever problems they need to go through and I help them sort through the issues in their lives. Through them, I unravel my own thoughts and feelings.

When I need an escape but can’t physically get away, I can be at the stable with the click of a mouse or I can feel the effort of rock climbing as my fingers tap on the keyboard. I can take a mental vacation to the beach or around the world and still pick my kid up at school in the afternoon.

*  *  *  *

What are you grateful for today? (You aren’t limited to one thing.) Is there a particular holiday custom you look forward to all year? What has been your biggest writing "surprise" this year?

Happy Thanksgiving to all our American friends!

Love and peace to you all this Holiday Season!
with tremendous gratitude from Writers In The Storm…

51 comments on “WITS Gives Writerly Thanks”

  1. I love this post! I'm so grateful for the community of writers that has helped me learn the ropes of this business and supported me through the rejections and accomplishments! I was thinking like you this week and wrote a post on the reasons I'm grateful for children's literature. Hope you can drop by and check it out!

  2. "I don't journal. I write fiction." Orly, that should be on a t-shirt or bookmarks or something. It's exactly how I feel.

    I'm thankful for the opportunity to explore the human connection through words, but my deepest gratitude goes to the family, friends, and book reviewers who have loved my work so far in this first year of indie publishing. I hope I continue to make them proud.

    I'm also so thankful for communities like WITS that keep it real but also continue to cheer on those of us who have taken steps in this grand, terrifying adventure. I am always reassured that while challenges are inevitable, with perseverance and hard work so is success.

    Thank you!

    1. On a MUG!!! Yes. You're on to something!! 🙂

      I love what you said about perseverance and hard work. It's so easy to crumble under the challenges, especially when you feel isolated as so many writers do. It's why writing buds are so important.

      Have a wonderful holiday!

  3. I'm grateful for the real friendship that's developed with people on the Net. Those I follow and those that follow me seem to have become so much more than just blog followers.
    I'm also grateful for all those people who express a wish that the world should live in peace and in friendship.
    xxx Huge Hugs to All xxx

    1. Absolutely with you, David. Wouldn't it be amazing what the human race could accomplish if all that angry energy were focused on helping everyone--and our planet--live well?

  4. I'm grateful for my faith that holds to hope when I would otherwise give up. I'm grateful for the WITS writing days, on which I accomplish more than any other day. Somehow, the month thing is too much, but I can do a single day. Thank you so much for hosting those. I'm grateful for all those who share inspiration and encouragement.

  5. I'm thankful the stars aligned so I could be a matchmaker, midwife and murderer, when I'm writing, that is. I'm grateful to inhabit a creative world of what-ifs and why-nots, especially when I'm wrestling with a story about second chances and how love changes everything.

    I'm ever so thankful that fate and destiny and my Jeep and my Mac continue to bring me to my writing-warrior friends at RWA and WITS. They--and that means you all--continue to open my eyes and heart to the possibilities of telling stories in better ways. You continue to graciously give me a hand up so my dreams can come true.

    And, even though I didn't jump on the NaNoWriMo train this year, I did FINISH my first novella yesterday. It's a bridging piece between the first and second full-length installments of the BLOSSOM TRILOGY. Coincidentally, it was on the anniversary of my mother's death in 2003. She didn't live long enough to see me become a "writer." But I'm certain there was a proud smile on her face in heaven yesterday (and, I hope, every day). So, for that accomplishment, I am truly, truly, truly thankful!

    1. Mine didn't live long enough to see me become a writer either, Chris. Maybe your and my mom are talking to each other, bragging about their author-kids!

    2. Isn't it wonderful how we can be anything we want to be as writers? You are absolutely right there, Christopher.

  6. I'm thankful I'll be on that ship with Fae! I've been so busy lately, I really need the dedicated time to write. And I'm grateful for all the encouragers I've had this year, who prop me up when I'm feeling down and high-five me when things are going well. It's been a banner year for me in many ways, but it's been all that much sweeter to have true friends on the journey with me.

    1. OMG, you're going on the cruise??!! Man, now I am quadruple bummed out that I'm missing it. You, Margie, Laura and Fae...all in the same patch of ocean! It boggles.

      I just can't swing it. But I want to hear ALL about it, and see plenty of pictures. 🙂

  7. I'm grateful for a patron of the arts in the form of my husband. Even though I still work a day job, he actually makes if financially and emotionally possible for me to pursue this craft. Plus, he's my boss, and he's cool when the writing job takes priority over the office manager job.

    1. Isn't it wonderful to have that kind of support? My husband was so sure of my writing ability (without reading a word of it!) that when I got my first request for a full, he made an appointment for a sea trial on the boat of his dreams!

  8. I'm thankful for this wonderful group which continually builds up other writers. Your candid comments have been encouraging as I've been working on my first novel. Thanks for sharing from the heart!

    1. Thanks Patricia, and everyone. We began this blog to give back, and to try to connect with other writers, to beat back the isolation we all feel.

      You've become a community - so much more than we'd have guessed - and we reap the benefit as well. WIN-WIN! Thank you all!

  9. I'm so incredibly grateful for the writing community. Orly and Laura have personally contributed to my sanity this year, have said things that gave me confidence when all that seemed to be around was doubt, for so many contributors to this blog who seem to know just what to say. I could gush for hours, but instead, I'll offer my heartfelt, soul deep thank you.

    1. You mean lack-of-sanity. I'm still amazed you haven't blocked my calls/texts/emails yet. 😉

  10. There is so much to be grateful for this year. My gratitude goes first to my family, who listen to my stories and give me the time and space to write. Right close behind them is the NHWritersProject.org, my first writing community, and Writers in the Storm whose posts continue to inspire. Thank you all!

  11. I'm a newby writer who only started a year or so after I retired... I've always journaled (since 12 or so), but writing fiction is so much more satisfying! The writing community - like my genealogy community - totally supports everyone who turns up to play, including me!
    I'm so grateful and give thanks for the many wonderful moments this past year where I've been encouraged and edjimacated in various writing notions/tips/rules/suggestions.

    1. When I started writing I just muddled through on my own. It took a long time to learn. Glad we're here to help!

    1. So great to hear from you Gillian! Let us know when you're going to be in town for a meeting.

    2. I can so relate, Sue. I appreciated OCC. Toward the end, I reveled in it, knowing I'd miss it. Once I moved, I realized that I didn't appreciate it enough. It's so rare to find a group like that, that truly espouses it's motto: One hand reaching forward, one hand reaching back, in an unbroken chain. Miss you, but hope you're loving your retirement home!

  12. Perhaps others have already said this, but as much I love bound books written by Twain, Dickens, Austen etc., I love the new world of writing and publishing technology. Coming from the days of typewriter ribbons and carbon paper I love Word, Scrivener, spreadsheets, hard-drives, digital voice recorders, WIkipedia, Google, Google Maps, long list. (FYI My Apple II in B-School had 64 kB of memory and two floppy drives, and it definitely saved my behind when my classmates were doing two finger typing or farming work to professional typists.)

    I love our ability to publish books because we think they are good without having to convince publishing house gatekeepers to give a new writer a chance.

    I love meeting so many intelligent, supportive, talented and charming people as I have here without leaving my house.. Have a great Thanksgiving everyone.

  13. In 1982, believing that apartheid (South Africa) could never go awsy pecefully, I lft for Freedom in the USA. With censorship rife in the police state, I could not write without the spector of the censor looking over my shoulder. Now...I am Free to write what I want, s hat I feel. FREE ! THANK YOU FOR THE FIRST AMENDMENT.
    Happy Thanksgiving.
    P.S. Vegetarians are turky's best friend.

    1. I'm so with you, littlemissw. We need those who believe, even when we can't. We're so much luckier when that person lives in the same house with us. Well, except for the dirty underwear scattered . . . oh wait. That's probably just at my house.

  14. I'm late in giving thanks. Need to have surgery....alas...on my right hand. I'm grateful for the wonderful writers on this site who are so generous with their encouragement and writing hints. My debut book ONCE UPON A BOOK was released in July 2015. I'm grateful for a content writer at The Wild Rose Press who pushes me beyond my limits and helps make each book better. I'm grateful for my husband, who is proud to say he's my plotster. It took decades to get published, so I'm grateful to God that he helped me accomplish my dreams before I left the planet. I'm grateful for two new releases in 2016, Thorn, Son of a Duke in January, and The Duke's Magnificent Bastard in March 2016. I'm grateful to be commenting on this site. And I'm envious of those of you who are going on a cruise with Margie Lawson, but it's a good kind of envy. One day maybe, too, I'll be there. I'm also grateful to my husband who doesn't complain that the house is not exactly up to cleaning standards. Thank you to all of you. I write as Sandra Masters....long story for another post.

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