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December 30, 2022

One Word to Guide Your Journey in 2023

Every year here at Writers In the Storm, we picture one word that we need to guide us through the coming year. It might be an action or a belief or a philosophy. Below are our words. We hope you will share yours with us in the comments!


My word for 2023: Balance

This past year I've found it necessary to re-think priorities and have concluded that I need to work on keeping balance in all aspects of my life.

  • There is no perfect.
  • Compromise is doable.
  • Relaxation shouldn't involve guilt.

Balance can help lower stress and increase your overall sense of well-being.


My word for 2023: Support

We've supported each other through some difficulty this year, and are doing the best we can.  Yet the writing goes on and the stories and the friendships. Writing alone is possible, but a vibrant writing community makes the process a much more valuable experience. 


My word for 2023: Joy

My plan for this year is to find the joy in everything I do and help to spread that to all of those I work with.


My word for 2023: Faith

2022 held plenty of challenges and opportunities for growth. Growth was my word for 2022. The past twelve months held many moments when I seized opportunities in pursuit of progress. Sometimes challenges triggered my impatience and self-doubt which created obstacles that stopped me.

Fortunately, some wise folks reminded me that like some of the characters I write and many writers I know, I need to have faith in myself. With faith in myself, 2023 will be a year of moving forward. 

"Believe in your infinite potential. Your only limitations are those you set upon yourself." – Anonymous

Happy 2023, Writers!

33 comments on “One Word to Guide Your Journey in 2023”

  1. Believe.

    I believe in myself. I believe I will overcome many obstacles to be able to write THE END.

    Once I've done that, I believe I will start again, showcase my resilience, and do what it takes to reach THE END.

    Once I've done that, I believe I will....

    1. Ritu, I read your comment and immediately thought of a favorite book from childhood, The Little Engine That Could.

      I think believing in ourselves can be difficult, but can help make a positive outcome.

  2. My word for 2023: Focus. The last four years have been filled with changes, including multiple moves and health challenges. Fatigue, brain fog, and a general lack of motivation have derailed my writing. As the new year approaches, I’m happy to report that I’m reinvigorated and ready to move forward and accomplish my writing goals. Here’s hoping!

  3. Gratitude. Even if my books go nowhere (and it's too soon to tell) I need to remember all the support that got me to this point. And if nothing else, I have a beautiful one year old granddaughter to remind me how blessed I really am.

  4. Believe. I think believing in yourself is a huge part of the writing process and helps push people from simply dreaming about a story to writing it.

  5. BELIEVE in...
    • the writing path I've chosen.
    • the vision I have for my story universe.
    • myself as I continue forward, a journey that's probably going to take me 1200 miles from where I am now.

  6. I picked my word for 2023: MESMERIZE.

    As in: let me mesmerize you with my writing, because that is my intent. Try living as three separate but entangled people, seeing their lives from right behind the eyeballs. Who will affect you more? Your choice.

    It may take me longer than a year to finish the third volume in my mainstream trilogy - that doesn't daunt me. But I've started, and will write with all my limited best time. The third one's a doozy.

    Normally, I don't even try a resolution or have a specific aim. But this one came out of a comment, and I decided to let it live. Wish me luck - as a hearty dollop of luck makes everything tastier.

    Best of luck to all of you, too.

  7. This is an excellent reminder of what we writers should all pursue in 2023. I've been in a slump with my writing for some time due to caregiving. That hasn't ceased but I am pursing the belief that I need not lose my love for writing because of the situation I'm in at the present time. The quote is marvelous. Thanks for always being here for all writers.

  8. Great practise WITS. This is something I also do.

    My word for 2023 is NURTURE.
    * Nurture myself and get into a healthy routine.
    * Nurture my family so they can flourish.
    * Nurture my clients so they can achieve their writing dreams.
    * Nurture my community in a way that gives them wind beneath their creative wings.

    Happy New Year everyone!

  9. My word for 2023 is FINISH! I have too many projects in the works and need to focus. I need to be able to type The End.
    Thanks for a great year at WITS! Looking forward to 2023.

  10. I love all of your words. In the past, I've been very intentional about picking a word. Focus was my word for 2022.
    This year, I felt like God picked my word for me. It kept popping up and continues to pop up. So, like Lynette, my word for 2023 is faith.
    Happy New Year and thanks for sharing your words!

  11. My word for 2023 is HEALING. 2022 was a very difficult year health-wise, even before I was diagnosed with breast cancer in November. We caught it early and I had surgery just before Christmas, but 2023 is about healing every part of my body and my spirit.

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