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November 17, 2023

WITS Bloggers Give Writerly Thanks

Today at Writers In The Storm we’re giving thanks for the “writerly” things and people who help us put words on the page. We're also opening the door for our readers! Share your gratitude for writerly things and people, large and small, down in the comments!

Ellen Buikema

Every day I thank my lucky stars to have met many talented members of the writing community through Writers In The Storm.

Many times, I’ve leaned on the “writerly” shoulders of other authors when I’ve been troubled, and not only for where to go next in a story. I am grateful for you all.

Lynette Burrows

Lynette M. Burrows

I have had some incredible learning opportunities in the past twelve months. For a learning junkie like me, this is a slice of heaven. I am grateful for all my amazing teachers (including all the writers and readers here on Writers in the Storm). 

I'm also beyond thankful for friends and family who have offered a sympathetic shoulder and ear, a helping hand, and simply hung in there with me as I’ve continued to re-discover my path forward. To be surrounded by love is a ginormous blessing. 

Jenny Hansen

I am thankful to the people at City of Hope for keeping me alive. I didn't talk about it a lot before my surgery on October 10th, but a 6-hour surgery is a massive risk for excessively-clotting me. I went into the surgery thinking I was about 50/50 for no complications (ex: stroke, heart attack, death). BUT, because my surgeon was AWESOME, and the universe was apparently looking out for me, here I am! #SoDamnGrateful

I am also very grateful for Scrivener this year during NaNoWriMo. I loooove NaNo and I try to do it every year, but this year, I have little to no use of my arms until Thanksgiving. That's a major complication in the quest for 50 thousand words! But Scrivener has a voice-to-text feature that can be activated to record your story. (It's Window + H on PC; it's the F5 key on the Mac.) So far, I'm about two thousand words off the pace for the month, which is far more than I expected. Where there's a will, there's a way, y'all!

Kris Maze

Kris Maze

This year, my gratitude centers on the gift of health. Whether nursing a head cold or feeling body aches due to a lack of stretching and exercise, I'm reminded of the value of how our bodies and minds facilitate our creative work. And I wish this for all our creatives reading this post.
Fortunate to collaborate with talented writers and thinkers, I've experienced their generosity in sharing time and insights, even while navigating their own health struggles. I hope to continue this cycle of gratitude by giving back and fulfilling my creative work for as long as my body and mind allow this journey to unfold.

Lisa Norman

Lisa Norman

I'm thankful for my writing community and friends - the folks here at WITS, my students, and the powerful community I've found in World Anvil. Being surrounded by amazing writers and their creative energy helps make every day better!

* * * * * *

Happy Thanksgiving to our American readers, and happy day of gratitude to everyone...from all of us at Writers In the Storm!

Top image by John Hain from Pixabay

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30 comments on “WITS Bloggers Give Writerly Thanks”

  1. Thank you to all of the bloggers at WITS. You have helped me no end.

    Also, I would like to thank all the critiquers at both Scribophile and Critique Circle for helping me make my writing so much better.

    Then there are all the folk who read my weekly blog. I love you all for bothering to read my ramblings.

    And, of course, all the writers, past and present (and those I've not yet discovered) for entertaining me throughout my life with your wonderful words.

    1. Thanks, V.M for your continued support of our work here at Writers at the Storm. We appreciate readers like you who engage with insightful comments - making writing more engaged and a more joyful experience.

  2. I'm grateful for the friends I've made online, both inside and outside of the writer community. Social media has deteriorated to an apocalyptic swamp of insanity over the past decade, but in spite of that, I've managed to find some genuine connections with amazing people, many of whom I see on this site. True blessings in this ever-crazier world.

    1. Yes, social media isn't half as fun as it used to be. BUT, there are so many amazing people to be met outside of your physical community. Some of the most delightful people I've ever met have come to me via online communities.

    2. Piper, I know what you mean.

      Social media, carefully used, and this site have allowed many of us to make wonderful connections all over the world.

      I appreciate all the lovely people I've met here via WITS.

  3. I am grateful for this blog and its people, for Lisa Norman for introducing me to this blog (and for so much else!), for my writing group, for friends and family, both human and furry, who support this journey, and for books! So very grateful for books!

    1. Awwwwww...thanks, Lizzie! Lisa is an outstanding human. I'm so happy she has drawn her equally amazing circle over here to WITS. This community feeds my knowledge and my spirit year after year.

    2. That's very cool that you are digging into posts at WITS. It's wonderful to hear how it is impacting your writing.
      Writing takes a community and the one I have found here is amazing. I agree that Lisa has a plethora of ideas to make a writing career grow and I wish you the best as you keep writing. 🙂

  4. Thank you all for your incredible insight! We appreciate you!! Have a terrific Thanksgiving. <3

    Jenny, after you finish NaNo, you'll have to blog an update on how your experience of dictating a book goes!

    1. Absolutely, Angela. It is very bizarre to have a book come out of my mouth instead of my fingertips...but there is also a zen factor to hearing your own voice quietly tell your story.

  5. So many things to be grateful for this season! Friends and family, my health, writing and coaching clients, music playing opportunities and colleagues, the beautiful area I live in, my dog and cat that brighten every day, and the endless opportunities to write and create that are available to us. Thank you WITS for your continued support and encouragement for writers. Wishing everyone an enjoyable Thanksgiving! (And Jenny, so glad to hear everything went well!) :O)

    1. Hi Colleen,
      The blog at WITS is made better by your posts and support as well. Your Writing and Wellness blog is another place where I can find great resources to keep my writing life in balance.

      I love that you mention your fur babies. I forgot to say how grateful I am for my crazy four-legged writing buddy, Charlie. That pooch has pushed me to take more walks in the woods, which relaxes my mind and gives me so much writing fodder for stories.

      Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Not only am I grateful for this amazing website that offers such wonderful advice to writers at all levels, I'm especially grateful to this team of five who have welcomed me into their fold as a regular guest blogger, allowing me to share what I've learned and have taught others over the years. Writing gives me such joy, I want others to enjoy that joy, as well. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

    1. We appreciate you, too, Diana! Glad you have come along to help us all become better writers with your insights.

    1. Hi Denise,

      I can say that it is pretty rare to not see your smiling icon on most posts. Thank you for your ongoing readership and warm interactions with writers here at WITS. The interaction is a big part of the fun of this blog.

      Have a great Thanksgiving!

  7. As a follower of WITS from its inception, I've been amazed at the wealth of knowledge presented here post after post by the best in the business. WITS is my most shared resource to my author friends and groups. Thanks for the sharing and the caring! You rock!

    1. Hi Juneta,

      We appreciate your support and readership. It makes a better writing experience to have a supportive community like the writers and readers here.

      Thank you from the WITS team and we hope you also have a a pleasant Holiday season too!

  8. Thank you ALL! This is my go-to writers' blog. You are all amazing women! And your guest bloggers are superb, too. I enjoy working with you and learning from you. Most of all, I love the examples you have set for keeping at it in this career that has become super competitive and, at times, stressful. I love writing, and you provide inspiration and support. WITS often brings me back to the joy of it all.
    THANK YOU!!!

    1. Hi Kathleen,
      And thank you for providing engaging craft posts that can make my YA writer mind spin. (In a think-about-it and write it better kind of way.)
      I look forward to your posts and appreciate your steady commitment to sharing your knowledge with writers too.

      Happy Thanksgiving to you!

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