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Author: Sharla Rae

What is an "Echo?" Tips To Axe These Repeat Offenders

By Sharla Rae

One of the things we've discussed in our critique meetings is the tendency all writers have to repeat certain words and phrases. “Echoes” is a term I’ve heard applied to frequently repeated words.

Read your chapter out loud, and that’s exactly what they sound like.… Read the post

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Describing Old Age-The Traps And An Idea List

By Sharla Rae

When writing, we have to describe all kinds of people/characters. I’d venture to say that older adults or seniors are one of the most difficult people groups to describe.


Because what you see is not always what you get.Read the post

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Jawing About Writing and Writing About Jaws

By Sharla Rae

No, I'm not discussing sharks. We're discussing the jawline, and writing facial descriptions and emotions. And …  I have another description list for you, too.

Recently in her blog, When Writing Is A Full Body Workout, Orly confessed being caught acting out what she happened to be writing, that is, she was making faces and performing her characters’ body movements.… Read the post

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Point of View: Choosing Whose Head To Be In

by Sharla Rae

The first thing writers learn about Point of View, or POV, is that it refers to whose head we’re in.

In other words: through whose perspective will the reader experience the sounds, smells, actions and emotions of a story/scene?… Read the post

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Brainstorming: Tips For Getting More Out Of "What if..."

CharBy Sharla Rae

Some writers brainstorm on their own, some do it with another writer or a group of writers. My personal favorite is 'what-ifing' with my critique group. Along the way I learned a few things. I think the biggest lesson was that if I walked away disappointed, it was probably my own fault.… Read the post

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