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Book Reviews: 4 Steps to Validate Your Work

by Hannah Jacobson

Book Reviews - 4 Steps to Validate your Work

Validate your work through the power of book reviews

It's every author's dream: not only to publish your book, but also to see it read, recognized, and appreciated by adoring fans.

Book reviews play a crucial role in achieving this literary dream.… Read the post

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7 Things Happy Writers Never Do

by Colleen M. Story

Cross-walk sign showing stop - red hand - don't cross

Few things in the writing life are absolute. What kind of book should you write? It depends on your interests, passions, and skills. How should you market your book? There are many ways. You have to choose those that work for you.… Read the post

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Write Authentic Characters and Connect With Readers

By Lori Freeland

manequins without faces

There are many crucial parts to putting a story together. But most writing teachers will tell you the key to catching and keeping readers is to build an emotional connection. One way to make  that happen is through authenticity—of your characters, their arcs and relationships, and how they react to the world around them.… Read the post

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Writing Short Stories: Lessons from Singer-songwriters

By Eldred "Bob" Bird

guitar with a notepad and a pen for writing songs

Besides writing, music is one of my passions. So much so that I volunteer at the Musical Instrument Museum here in Phoenix as a gallery guide. While working my shift recently, I had a thought—there are a lot of people in music that I can learn from when it comes to writing short stories.… Read the post

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7 Creative Ways to Boost Book Sales Locally

by Penny Sansevieri

Selling books at a fair

For most authors, doing local promotion is low on the list of things they’re doing to market their books. And while national media and nationally focused marketing strategies are important, don't overlook the power of local marketing. By targeting your community, you can tap into the support of local businesses, libraries, and media outlets, creating lasting partnerships and gaining exposure for your work.… Read the post

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