August 31st, 2018

Plot, Character and…WHAT?

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Laurie Schnebly Campbell

A quick note from your WITS blog mistress: I'm sorry for so many comments not getting posted as soon as we'd like. All four of us were out of town, and no one had internet access. (Two of us thought we would be able to approve comments, but we were wrong.) Everything is caught up now, though, and if you were waiting for your comment to appear, it's in the comment section below.Read the post

August 22nd, 2018

3 Ways to Search in Scrivener 3

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Gwen Hernandez

In a perfect world, you’d remember every detail about your manuscript, and have a thorough book or series bible to back you up. In reality—if you’re anything like me—you’ve rewritten some scenes so many times you can’t remember which version of it you kept (did I mention the sister or leave her out?), and you definitely forgot to make a note of which type of gun your heroine carries (was it a Sig or a Beretta?).… Read the post



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