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Book Cover 101: Romance Covers

by Melinda VanLone

I’ve mentioned it before here at Book Cover 101 but it bears repeating…cover trends change. That means whatever we learned five years ago, or even two years ago, is probably already out the window.

It’s enough to drive authors and designers insane.… Read the post

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10 Ways to Reverse Engineer Your Plot

by Shirley Jump

Feeling stuck in your book? Bogged down in the middle? Wandering around aimlessly without an ending? Chances are good you have a plot problem. When clients come to me with books for content editing and tell me they’re stuck on Chapter Three or Chapter Thirty, 99% of the time it’s the plot that’s the problem.… Read the post

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Building A Better Villain

By Eldred Bird

As part of the research for one of my current works in progress (I have about a dozen at any given time…don’t judge me), I’ve been digging into the world of investigating serial killers to build a better villain.… Read the post

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Terraforming: Worldbuilding for Sci-fi Authors

by Joseph Lallo, @jrlallo

landscape with Saturn overhead

There are few more liberating genres than science fiction. Unfettered by petty limitations like technology or the laws of physics, a sci-fi setting can be crafted to suit the whims of the storyteller and the needs of the story.… Read the post

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Digging Up Bones - What's Your Character's Backstory?

by Eldred Bird

Our characters need to be relatable and have depth so they’re easy to get attached to. One of the highest compliments I've received about my writing is about my characters. Seeing as how I’m kind of attached to them, that makes my whole month.… Read the post

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