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Book Cover 101: A Quick Guide to Image Copyright Issues

by Melinda VanLone

Are you an indie author about to create or commission a cover? If so, most likely you'll be using images to design your latest best seller. Did you know that those images have copyrights? Even if you found them on the interwebs like litter on a street corner, they still have rights.… Read the post

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Last-Minute Holiday Book Sales Strategies

Penny Sansevieri

Yes, the holidays are upon us, but that doesn’t mean you’ve missed all your opportunities to sell a few more books before 2020.

Photo Credit: olegkrugllyak, Deposit Photos

I’ve collected a list of important dates and strategies that work really well with the amount of time we have left and I encourage you to work in as many as you can—you’ll be glad you did when you’re relaxing, happily sipping eggnog and sales keep coming in!… Read the post

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Exactly When Is the Best Time to Begin Your Book Marketing?

Penny Sansevieri

People ask me all the time when they should begin marketing book. So when is really the best time to start? Any book writing and marketing resource will say sooner rather than later. But how soon is too soon?… Read the post

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Social Media Throwdown: Facebook Groups

Julie Glover

This month, we're doing a social media throwdown, where each of us give our take on how we address social media. You can read Fae's post here.

My Love/Hate Relationship

I have a love/hate relationship with all social media.… Read the post

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Want Authorly Superpowers? Build a Street Team!

Angela Ackerman

Can we all agree that launching a book can be…a bit terrifying?

I’ve released six with co-author Becca Puglisi and we’re about to launch book seven. Those figurative butterflies? Yeah, they never go away. But guess what--this is actually a good thing!… Read the post

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