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The Art of the Book Blurb

Laurie Schnebly Campbell

What makes people talk about your book before they've ever read Page 1?

Well, maybe they remember you from high school and can’t wait to see if they’re featured on page 28.

Or maybe they heard the publisher paid a billion-dollar advance to get your manuscript.… Read the post

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Author swag and how to swing it

Sierra Godfrey

Recently, I saw a question raised about promotional items for authors: “How on earth do I go about getting them done?”

The question was raised over on the highly popular new Facebook group for the Womens’ Fiction Writers Association (WFWA), and there were a lot of great answers.… Read the post

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4 (Mostly) Pain-Free Tips for Marketing Your Book

Kate Moretti

Congratulations! You published a book. It’s out there in the world, all new and shiny, bouncing like the newborn its constantly compared to. The hard part is over, right?

Um… well this is awkward.

Maybe you watch Amazon rank or your Bookscan data or if you’re lucky, get numbers from your publisher and you realize that books don’t sell themselves.… Read the post

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Why Every Writer Should Be "Swayed"

Today I'm sharing a really fun present to help you to ring in the new year. When I told Laura Drake about the new Microsoft Sway, she about lost her mind. It is extremely creative and cool, but super easy to use.… Read the post

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6 Ways to Jump on Holiday Sales

Penny Sansevieri

Holiday Book SalesNow that everything has turned into 24/7 holiday shopping, you may wonder if it’s too late to get your book onto someone’s *must buy* holiday shopping list. While it’s late in the season to be thinking of your holiday strategy, there are some great things you can still do to nudge sales in your favor.Read the post

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