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Ways to Know Your Characters, Part 4- Strengths

by Ellen Buikema

A character's strengths and flaws are an important part of who they are. Well-rounded character need both. These qualities make a character unique and can have a major impact on the story.

It's important to find the balance between a character's strengths and flaws.… Read the post

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Ways to Know Your Characters, Part 2- Personality

by Ellen Buikema

Words have power. As a writer, you can create characters you loathe or love, sometimes a bit of both. 

It’s essential to know your main characters’ backgrounds, strengths, flaws, and personalities. These fictional folks will evolve as you create their stories.… Read the post

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Ways to Know Your Characters, Part 1- Background

by Ellen Buikema

As a writer, you have the power to create new worlds filled with characters, places, and plots. 

To make sure your readers emotionally invest in the characters you create, you need to develop interesting ones so your readers will connect with them on a personal level.… Read the post

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Mastering Character Evolution: A Powerful Ladder of Choice

by Laurie Schnebly Campbell

The picture is of a person sitting midway on a staircase in space. The individual is looking out into the vastness of the universe.

Imagine a book like this.

First page: We see Alex being crowned Ruler of the Empire, it’s thrilling!
Second page: Alex is kidnaped by terrorists from Alpha Centauri, terrifying!
Third page: Alex escapes and an hour later wins the Nobel Prize, amazing!… Read the post

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How Did You Ever Come Up with a Character Like That?

by Sharon K. Connell

Often, I’ve been asked how I find the characters I use in my stories. The first time I was asked that question, it seemed odd to me. That was because when an idea for a story comes to me, I simply imagine the character in whatever situation the story starts out in, and I go from there.… Read the post

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