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How to Format Dialogue in Novels

The Art of Clear Conversations

By Sandy Vaile

Silhouettes of three people seated in a semicircle. A woman on the left has a notebook & is holding a pen & is looking up at  a speech bubble above her head. The man on the right also has a speech bubble above his head. The man in the center has a question mark above his head.

Dialogue in fiction stories is a reliable way of bringing characters to life and immersing readers in their lives, but for it to be effective, it needs to be understood. As Michel de Montaigne said in his essay, On the Art of Conversation, “The most fruitful and natural exercise of the mind … is conversation.”… Read the post

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5 Dialogue Quick Tips for Page-Turning Fiction

by Kris Maze 

Editing a manuscript can be a daunting task, but it becomes easier when using time-tested dialogue suggestions. While I tip-toed through my first chapters, I discovered how to use this handy writers’ multipurpose tool. Slogging through stalled and unproductive scenes, the simple act of allowing my characters to speak had many purposes, and solved my writerly problems. … Read the post

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