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How To Make Dominant Female Characters Like-Able

by Lisa Hall-Wilson

Many of us love to create female characters who are in charge. They are the boss, the leader, the take-charge and kick ass types who keep everything from the local PTA to an entire country running just the way they like it.… Read the post

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9 Tips for Creating Successful Antagonists in Any Genre

Lisa Hall-Wilson

There’s a pretty basic storytelling flaw that trips up many writers and that’s creating villains/antagonists who aren’t successful. Let’s define what I mean by successful. A successful antagonist moves the story ahead, directly challenges the protagonist, and has a better than 50% chance of success.… Read the post

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The Body Language Of Fear: Beyond “Lions and Tigers And Bears, Oh My!”

Lisa Hall-Wilson

Boo! What better day to write about the body language of fear than the scariest day of the year!

Fun Fact: Fear and excitement create the exact same physiological response. What I mean by that is our bodies react the same way to both emotions.… Read the post

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5 Tips on Writing a Trauma Backstory

Life is hard and as writers, we aren’t doing our jobs unless our characters struggle. Am I right? Good fiction isn’t borne out in the comfortable and easy living we might dream about, but in the tension and conflict between characters and/or their own desires.

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Writing Deep Point of View Like A Pro: A Checklist

Lisa Hall-Wilson

You don’t know what you don’t know, right? That’s part of what makes writing in deep point of view so hard. I have spent years studying this technique and continue to learn more about it. But if you had a place to start maybe you could get started on your own.… Read the post

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