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How To Use Deep Point Of View Without Tying An Anchor To The Pace Of Your Novel

Lisa Hall Wilson



Deep point of view is a great writing technique when used well, but if you’re not careful, deep POV will bloat your word count and tie an anchor to the pace of your story.… Read the post

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The Body Language Of Love: Beyond Lust And Attraction

Lisa Hall-Wilson

Last week at WITS I wrote about writing deep point of view using layers of emotions and I promised this week to share about writing love in deep point of view. If you missed last week’s post, make sure you check it out.… Read the post

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Emotional Layers: The Gateway to Deep Point of View

Lisa Hall-Wilson

Deep point of view lets your readers experience story through a virtual reality headset. Readers want to take an emotional journey alongside the main character in every scene. This style puts readers IN the story as much as possible.… Read the post

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5 Quick Ways To Shift Description and Setting Into Deep POV

Lisa Hall-Wilson

One aspect of writing in Deep POV that’s often overlooked or downplayed is the importance of filtering setting and description through your point of view character (POVC). Remember, in Deep POV you want to avoid drawing conclusions for readers. Don’t tell readers what to think, give them your POVCs raw data and let readers come to their own verdict about how the POVC feels, what they’re observing, and the world they live in.… Read the post

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Are You Sharing Too Much Of The Wrong Thing on Facebook?

Lisa Hall-Wilson

Facebook is my happy place. I hang out there a lot – I get paid to hang out on Facebook. One of the questions I’m asked the most is how much of your own content and how much content from others do you post?Read the post

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