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How To Tell If You’re Writing In Deep Point Of View

by Lisa Hall Wilson

One of the more common questions I get asked by those interested in learning Deep POV is: how do I know if I’m going deep enough for deep POV? How do you tell if you’re actually writing in deep POV?… Read the post

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4 Pro Tips For Writing The Emotional Journey In Deep POV

by Lisa Hall-Wilson

Many people take my deep point of view master classes because they’re looking to create an emotional gut punch for readers. They want readers to feel like they’re IN the story, in real time, and digging deep emotionally is the powerhouse tool of deep point of view.… Read the post

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4 Ways To Go Deeper With Deep Point Of View

by Lisa Hall-Wilson

Deep point of view is powerful and engaging though many find it difficult to do well. The basic techniques of deep point of view have been simplified in blog posts that will heap loads of overconfidence on newer writers. … Read the post

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Make Your Setting REAL With Strategic Description

by Lisa Hall-Wilson

Deep point of view really isn't difficult, but it requires a shift in your mindset in how you craft your fiction. Choosing setting and description details becomes very crucial to making a story come alive for readers. All things being equal (assuming you don't have a broken story, flat characters, lack tension, or poor writing), the details you choose for your story can do so much more than create a setting in your reader's minds.… Read the post

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The 3-Act Emotional Arc For Showing Shame In Fiction
Lisa Hall-Wilson

by Lisa Hall-Wilson

Shame is one of the most powerful and underused emotions in a fiction-writer’s toolbox. Shame is pervasive and common, it’s ugly and hard to capture well. Readers cheer for characters who are relate-able. They cheer for characters who stand up to bullies, who stay and fight when they don’t have to.… Read the post

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