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"Pimp and Promote" Gift Exchange

Christmas packagesIt's the Holiday Season and here at Writers in the Storm we're looking forward to sneaking open some reader gifts early with a little "Pimp and Promote." Of course, this always costs us some money, because we have to go out and buy lots of books.… Read the post

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Our Month-End Gift To You: Promopalooza at WITS!!

We're throwing open the comments at Writers In The Storm today for a little of what I like to call "Pimp and Promote."

How does this work?

Here's the rules for this Carnival of Comment Fun:

I’m taking a page out of Chuck Wendig’s book once again for you guys to do the following...… Read the post

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A Spring Thank You from WITS: Promo Made Easy...
by Jenny Hansen

As the March blog mistress here at WITS, I'm taking a page out of my personal blog's playbook and marking the beginning of Spring with a celebration of you.

You're going to get the chance to come out and play in the comments section today.… Read the post

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