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March 22, 2013

A Spring Thank You from WITS: Promo Made Easy...

Spring flowers for YOU!

Spring flowers for YOU!

by Jenny Hansen

As the March blog mistress here at WITS, I'm taking a page out of my personal blog's playbook and marking the beginning of Spring with a celebration of you.

You're going to get the chance to come out and play in the comments section today.

[Hey! I saw all you introverts go diving under your desks. You can come out now.]

Let me explain...

We're doing what I call "Pimp & Promote." We try to do this once every few months at More Cowbell and it's a habit I originally picked up from Chuck Wendig.

Note: if Chuck's name is unfamiliar, you are seriously missing out.

For those who are new at this…Pimp and Promote means you go down to the comments section and:

1. Promote: share one thing that you’re proud of (i.e. a new book, an idea, a blog).

2. Pimp: Do the same for someone else whose work has lit you on fire this week.

I'll get this party started with a quick PROMOTE of Susan Spann, one of our monthly contributors here at WITS. Susan has been sharing her experience as a legal expert in intellectual property, business and publishing contracts with all of us here at WITS for several months and we are grateful.

Not only is Susan the author of the Shinobi mystery novel, Claws of the Cat, coming in July from St. Martin's Press, she is also a literary attorney and a strong champion of author rights.

I've learned a ton from both her Author Business Plan series and her Publishing Decisions series. Plus, I attended her seminars on author contracts at last month's WANACon. When I need to have a publishing contract of any type looked at, Susan will be my go-to gal.

For my PIMP, I'm going to give a shout out to 4 amazing bloggers and one writing contest that have made me happy this week.

Below is a post from each of these rockstars:

A note about the Judy Blume Voices competition:

The Judy Blume Project aims to become an anthology of moments and memories of the many people on whom Judy Blume had an impact growing up.  Good or bad, touching or funny:  WE WANT TO HEAR YOUR VOICES!!

Write about what Judy Blume meant to you, either when you were navigating the turbulence of adolescence, or stories about your own kids (catch any of them reading Forever??).  Don't be shy, and please don't feel like you have to be a writer to submit.

WITS wouldn't be what it is without all of you and this post is our small way of letting you know how much we appreciate your readership. Y'all rock our world.

Now it's your turn to try this "Pimp and Promote" business!

Feeling a little woozy at the idea of putting yourself out there? Here...take one more sniff of your flowers...

WITS Flowers

Don't be shy if you're new at this. We'll hold your hand...and approve your comments. You are encouraged to oooh and aaaah over each other's links and then pimp a little more. 🙂

On your mark: You, comments, go...Pimp and Promote!

Happy Friday,

About Jenny Hansen

Jenny fills her nights with humor: writing memoir, women’s fiction, chick lit, short stories (and chasing after the newly walking Baby Girl). By day, she provides training and social media marketing for an accounting firm. After 15 years as a corporate software trainer, she’s digging this sit down and write thing.

When she’s not at her blog, More Cowbell, Jenny can be found on Twitter at jhansenwrites and here at Writers In The Storm. Every Saturday, she writes the Risky Baby Business posts at More Cowbell, a series that focuses on babies, new parents and high-risk pregnancy.

0 comments on “A Spring Thank You from WITS: Promo Made Easy...”

  1. I would like to thank you for the chance to pimp and promote and my promote has to be my romance novella Transitions (http://www.mundania.com/book.php?title=Transitions). It has Goths and Romans but not in the expected manner and has been getting some great reviews with the most cosistant complaint that it is too short (hey, it's a novella... I'm working on the novel...)

    My pimpage has to go to the wonderful R.A Smith and his book Oblivion Storm (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Oblivion-Storm-Grenshall-Manor-Chronicles/dp/1481191330/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1363947234&sr=8-2). That is a link to the paperback version on Amazon but the Kindle version is also out and only costs 77p at the moment... This is a ghost tale with a difference and well worth a look.

    Thank you again for the chance to pimp and promote. I am always happy to return the favour on my blog if anyone wants to pop by and give me a guest post.

  2. This is a great idea! Thanks so much for giving us the opportunity to both hog the spotlight and share it.

    First to pimp. I’d like to draw everyone’s attention to my historical western romance novel, OUR LITTLE SECRETS, over on Amazon - http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0087KI4T4 Why? Because its sequel, FOOL FOR LOVE, is coming out in April and I believe it’s the best thing I’ve ever written. I wouldn’t be saying that were it not for the help, advice, and schooling I’ve gotten from my editor, Alison Dasho, and my many writer friends. You guys have made me a better writer and you will definitely be able to see it in FOOL FOR LOVE! But zip on over and read OUR LITTLE SECRETS first to get an introduction to the world of Cold Springs, Montana in 1895.

    And now, to promote. I’ve been working with my friend and fellow writer, Samantha Warren, a lot on her latest novel, THE IRON LOCKET, which I believe will also be coming out next month. It’s a fun fantasy adventure in which King Arthur is resurrected to lead the forces of good in a war against evil. Throw in a few faerie-hunters and a touch of romance, and I think she’s really on to something there! Samantha has been a great writer friend and I encourage you to check out her other books. http://www.amazon.com/Samantha-Warren/e/B004U1M9EK/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_pop_1

    Thanks again for this opportunity! =D

    1. Thank you so much, Merry!!

      To add to Merry's pimp, I'm currently beta reading Fool For Love, and she may be right that it's the best thing she's ever written. Our Little Secrets was wonderful, and Fool For Love is even better. If you like romance or the wild west, you have to pick up her books.

    2. It's Spring, Merry...everyone deserves a bit of spotlight! Plus, we adore our readers, and y'all find the niftiest things for our reading lists. 😀

  3. Am I first??? Wow. Must type fast! First my promote.Many of you probably know Rachel in the OC http://rachelintheoc.com/, but my promote is for a relatively new project of hers on Twitter - MondayBlogs. If you post a blog with the #MondayBlogs tag and @MondayBlog, it will get shared by other Monday Bloggers. You, in turn share in the karma by passing along other Monday Bloggers. It is a great weekly mnii-promo project and I love it!

    And for the pimp - I am still struggling to find readers at my RantRaveWrite blog...the people who DO stop by seem to enjoy it, but I am not stumbled on all that often. Would love a visit! http://rantravewrite.com/

  4. Pimp first:
    The Rapist by Les Edgerton. Getting five-star reviews, hailed as a rare literary event and not for the faint-hearted. Takes you deep into the mind of a psychopath in an unflinching tour de force by this fantastic writer. You get a first person glimpse into the mind of a killer who knows no remorse.

    Second pimp:
    Second Vendetta by Carl R. Brush is a wonderful tale of the generational woes of a family of mixed heritage of Indian, Black, Hispanic and Angelo in 1800s California. Although set in the old west, this is not a traditional western. This is written in the sprawling style of Edna Ferber's Giant. Great characters, enthralling story and so well-written the dialogue transports you into the past. Getting five-star reviews and a prequal is due out any day.

    Promote: Firstborn by Bob Stewart. Average reviews 4.5 stars

    A village idiot with a taste for murder.
    A juror fresh out of law school.
    An ignored trial error.
    When neophyte attorney G.W. Chism receives a jury duty summons too late to excuse himself from jury selection, he lands the role of foreman on a disturbing murder trial. Despite the knowledge of a trial error, the jury finds No Mercy Percy guilty and sentences him to death.
    Fifteen years later, Percy Kilbourne is no longer considered a village idiot. In prison, Kilbourne’s genius intellect is uncovered when a guard explains a joke to him and he transforms into a cultivated and reformed convict. When a tape is discovered that could overturn his death sentence, Kilbourne requests attorney G.W. Chism to represent him.
    Haunted by the mistake in the original Kilbourne trial, G.W. Chism dedicates his career to serving the letter of the law, even when it is blind to true justice. When a judge orders him to represent Kilbourne, G.W. follows the letter of the law, and Kilbourne walks free, setting into motion a demonic killer’s revenge.

  5. I'm taking full advantage! I'm still not sure which is pimp and which is promote, but whatever....

    Pimpage: I'm just finishing up teaching my first class for Margie Lawson's Writers Academy "Submissions that Sell!" and I really enjoyed it - have some high-level students, with nice shiny new submissions! I'll be teaching it again in September.

    Promotage:Have you heard about the new Women's Fictions Writers Association? Non profit/Non RWA group. WF is defined as "the story of a woman's journey." If you write stories like that, check it out - we'll be taking memberships soon! In the meantime, we have a Yahoo loop. If you'd like to get into that, email me at laura_drake1123 (at) Yahoo.

    1. Love both these places! Lawson Writers Academy (where I will soon be teaching too!!) and WFWA. Awesome stuff, y'all...awesome stuff. Thanks for sharing, Laura!

  6. PROMOTE: My debut novel FOREVER ROAD is releasing April 5. I am offering an exclusive 30 page sample to everyone who signs up for my newsletter. In addition, all newsletter subscribers will be entered in a giveaway for an e-ARC of Forever Road. I am giving away at least two more e-ARCs before April 5. Here's the link: http://eepurl.com/wdp2D

    PIMP: Check out Stronger Than Magic by Melinda VanLone. It's an original and interesting take on the urban fantasy genre. http://amzn.com/B00AOSF6T8

  7. Good morning! For once, I'm liking the idea of rain--wash away all the poison pollen that’s causing me a slow death this week.

    People always think I’m outgoing, but truth is, I can speak to a crowd of folks on a topic at a seminar (have had occasions where I was the only woman in the room), I’m also good one-on-one, or in a small group WHEN I’m in a social situation, but to stand up and *wave* to talk about ME...then, I get shy. However, I’m taking a bold leap today.

    Promote: Bayou Born, my debut novel is finally available at Amazon.

    Promote: OWFI. Their annual conference is May 2-4, 2013. The organization is comprised of Members at Large (of which I’m one) and writing groups from Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Missouri and Arkansas. This conference attracts some top names including Tess Gerritsen (of TV’s Rizzoli and Isles fame) and Jodi Thomas (multi-RITA winner). I also met Christina Katz, author of Writer Mama. Lastly, it’s where I pitched to an editor, (now my editor) asked for a full manuscript.
    There is something for everyone at OWFI!

    Here are some others who will be attending the conference
    Claire Croxton: http://clairecroxton.com/
    Jan Morrill: http://www.janmorrill.com/
    along with Jane Friedman, and Jordan Dane, and here’s the list of speakers:

  8. I'm going to flip Laura's somewhat ...

    My Pimpage is for the new Women's Fiction Writers Association (http://womensfictionwriters.org/). It's been an absolute joy to work with the other founding members to get this group off the ground. We're still working on the paperwork but we have a dynamic yahoo loop cranking already and oodles of amazing plans for the moment we get the thumbs up on the legal stuff.

    And my first Promotage is for another WITS contributor Janice Hardy. Her blogs, both here and on her site (http://blog.janicehardy.com/) are AMAZING! I learn so much from her.

    Second Promotage (I'll stop here before Jenny comes after me) is for She Reads - an online book club led by four talented ladies. They always pick great books - my TBR pile is out of control at the moment. 🙂

  9. Thanks for mentioning me 🙂

    Pimp: I'm giving away a suspense short story to anyone who signs up for my newsletter. The newsletter will only go out when I have actual news like new releases, classes, etc. (I'm guessing about once a month.) You can sign up right from my homepage at http://www.marcykennedy.com

    Promote: Jami Gold has been talking about whether authors need a website/blog for the past week or so to spread the word about her upcoming classes. I think they're going to be great and helpful webinars for anyone just starting out. http://jamigold.com/2013/03/do-authors-need-a-website-and-blog/

  10. Thank you so kindly for offering this! I am fairly new to this blog, so unfamiliar with the ins 'n outs of it. I'm told one's best promoter is one's self; however, I'm not very accomplished at that so I'm simply going to say I'll let the work speak for itself. That said, I am promoting my latest published book, "The Timothy Trilogy" by R. J. Jones. If you click the following link it will (hopefully) take you directly to the book on Booktango where you can preview the work, see readers' comments & ratings, discover its availability formats, etc.:
    I believe I did this around Valentine's Day with one of your special offers but I was never contacted by anyone so I'm uncertain if I did this right or not. Feeling a bit ignorant if you know what I mean? But again, thank you for this offer.

    1. Roxanne, don't feel ignorant - Jenny taught us about this! You just put it out there - tell us about it, as you did, in your comment, and other readers can go check it out if they're interested.

      You do the same with theirs.

      Simple, huh?

      1. Thank you kindly, Laura. Yes it does sound simple. After I posted the comment it occurred to me I didn't post anything at all about the book, even the genre, to spark any interest in checking it out... so if I may, I'll just add this about it:

        "The Timothy Trilogy: Resurrection~Reclamation~Recompense” is a work of fiction set in a beautiful wilderness area of the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York. Jeanne--the main character--finds she has increasingly minimal time for her passion, which is writing. The reasons for this involve the loves of her life, murder, kidnapping, rogue government agents, a maniacal doctor attempting to harvest psychic abilities from unwilling participants, and a terrorist cell attempting to assassinate the President. This combination of on-going events and situations ensures that Jeanne--and all associated with her--have limited time to devote to much besides training and survival in this suspenseful non-stop-action mystery novel. Do you like experiencing surprising twists and turns of events you thought you had figured out? Love feeling as if you’re right there in the middle of the action? You may be surprised to find--as so many others have--that is exactly the feeling that reading “The Timothy Trilogy” leaves you with! Warning: Be prepared to claim time and space to yourself once you begin reading, or you may find interference to be a bit perturbing!

        Again, I THANK YOU kindly... Laura & Jenny... for providing this opportunity to not only post our own promos here but for enabling us to see others as well!!!

  11. Promote: I'm thrilled to be one of the authors of short stories coming out in the Orange Karen Tribute Anthology in April: http://orangekaren.wordpress.com/ This collection is a honoring and fundraising effort for our author friend Karen DeLabar who was stricken with Toxic Shock Syndrome but has shown the resilience of the Terminator. My own story is a YA contemporary (Color Me Hapless/Happy).

    Pimp: I just finished Myndi Shafer's SHRILUGH and I am eager to read #2 in the Shrilugh Saga. Check it out at http://www.amazon.com/Shrilugh-Book-One-Saga-ebook/dp/B0091NDEZK.

    1. I didn't know that anthology was coming out so quickly, Julie! Thanks for promoting it here. And Myndi's books are fantastic, aren't they? Now i want some of those trees!!!

  12. Promote: I'm so excited! My next book, Unexpected Superhero, is coming out next month! It's the first book in The Adventures of Lewis and Clarke, a witty romantic urban fantasy series. Check my web site (http://kittybucholtz.com/) to find out the exact date it will be released in print and ebook formats.

    Pimp: My friend Geralyn, writing as GVR Corcillo, published her first chick lit book this month! It's called She Likes It Rough, and it's cute and funny and great to read when you need to relax. (http://www.amazon.com/She-Likes-Rough-G-V-R-Corcillo/dp/1626780005/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1363974558&sr=8-1&keywords=she+likes+it+rough)

    Also, there are just three more weeks to enter the Orange Rose Contest for Unpublished Writers. (http://www.occrwa.org/orangerosecontest/) All first round judges are published authors, including some of the WITS friends. 🙂 And the final round judges are amazing agents and editors whom you would love to have read your work! If you're published, the Book Buyers Best Contest (http://www.occrwa.org/bbbcontest/) is also accepting entries until April 13. AND they need more judges like YOU! Sign up and tell them which books you think are the best. (You get to keep them when you're done!)

    1. The Orange Rose Contest has helped TONS of talented authors get published, y'all (Tessa Dare, Christi Craig, Kate Carlisle...to name a few). I highly recommend you authors who haven't published in the last 5 years submit to it!

      Thanks for putting this out there, Kitty! I didn't realize that Geralyn had pubbed her book. 🙂

  13. Pimp: thanks for the reminder that it's ok to talk about my books. (They are the Surf City Mysteries. The newest one is Pennjes For Her Eyes. This ends the commercial. We now return you to your regularly scheduled broadcast.)
    Pimp: Look for my friend Alan Brennert's new book, Palisades Park, coming next month from St. Martin's.
    And look for a new WITS contribution from me in the near future. Thanks, Faye!

  14. This is so cool to have a chance to pimp and promote! For the pimp, I have a humorous children's book, Curse of the Double Digits, for ages 7 to 10. I just lowered the ebook price to $1.99 for a limited time, and the paperback is $4.99. This is a quick, fun read aloud for parents to laugh out loud with their kids, or for teachers to read to their students. It can be read in an hour and a half or less. A fun, short read. Good for reluctant readers, too.

    Here's what Curse of the Double Digits is about:

    Becky is sure turning ten on the 10th day of the tenth month will be magical.

    The whole class is invited to her party, including Chad, the cutest boy in the fifth grade. So is Darlenie-the-Meanie.

    Becky wants to look cute for her big day, but all her plans go wrong. Really wrong. The magic of turning ten disappears before she even has a chance to blow out her birthday candles. Things get so bad, she refuses to go to her own party.

    Becky wonders if the Curse of the Double Digits will jinx her forever.

    Also, I just switched to a WordPress site and published my first post last week. I need some followers! And I'm looking for any fun or amusing parenting stories (as short as a few sentences to a page (which would be a guest post) from any of you for my Parenting Plights & Delights posts. (There are examples in my archives that I imported from Blogger). They can be from an experience from your own childhood, a friend or relative's, anyone's. And grandparenting stories are great, too. Here's my WP link, Lynn Kelley: Random Acts of Weirdness: http://lynnkelleyauthor.wordpress.com/

    Now for promoting:

    I can't say enough about Jennette Marie Powell's writing. Her books hook me every time, especially her time travel books - Time's Enemy and Time's Fugitive. She has a new paranormal book out called Hangar 18, and it's a great read, too! Here's her Amazon author page so you can see all her books. She's got a boxed deal for the two time travel books and a short story:

    Sorry if I'm hogging up too much space here. This is an opportunity I just couldn't pass up! Thanks a million, Jenny and everyone at Writers in the Storm. Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Great to see you here, Lynn! Do you know my Babykins carries around The Curse of the Double Digits all the time? She's too young to read it but she sure does dig that cover.

  15. Great idea, Jenny!

    Promote: White Witch, the prequel to my Texas Druids trilogy, is now in print as well as ebook format. Introducing Jessie and Tye Devlin, two of a trio of psychic siblings, this story carries them through the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 and showcases Jessie's clairvoyant talent. It sets the stage for things to come in Darlin' Druid, book one of the trilogy. I hope you'll give it a peak.

    Pimp: The Dreamin in Dallas RWA regional conference is set to begin on Friday evening, March 29 at the Double Tree Hotel in Richardson, Texas. Hosted by DARA, the Dallas Area Romance Authors, the conference will open with a 60-author book signing, one of which is moi. Special guests attending the conference are Mark Coker, founder of Smashwords.com, and Jimmy Thomas, a world famous romance cover model. (He graces the first two covers in my trilogy and will also appear in a different persona on the third, Dearest Druid, due out in late April.

  16. FIRST A PROMOTE: ROMANCING THE BOOKS is Saturday 3-23 at the Bedford Library http://www.bedfordlibrary.org/ There are lots of authors speaking, reading, and signing.

    AND THE PIMPING: I have two releases with Harlequin Intrigue this spring. DANGEROUS MEMORIES & PROTECTING THEIR CHILD. Both are romantic suspense, set in Texas, on-the-run books. You can find details of both on my website: http://angimorgan.com/

    Thanks, ~Angi

  17. This is so nice of y'all. I'm "pimping" my new blog Thoughts on Thursday (I've now successfully posted 3 times. For the first, the wonderful Bemis Promotions did it for me. (I guess that may technically be a promote, but who's conting.) http://www.marsharwest.com.category/blog New posts up on Thursday. And my first book comes out this summer. VERMONT ESCAPE MuseItUp Publishing.
    Promoting: Jerrrie Alexander's first book THE GREEN EYED DOLL anywhere, and her second is THE LAST EXECUTION at Amazon.

    1. Marsha, I tried to click on your link twice to see your site, but I got a message that Safari couldn't find the server. Is this the right link, or is my computer messing up?

      1. Thanks for correction, Jenny. Yes, I agree. I never thought I'd love bloging so much. Probably too much. Easy to get caught up here and not on the WIP. I'll be at DARA also. Look forward to seeing y'all. 🙂

  18. I'm having Jenny Deja Vu! It's like I'm at your place, but the furniture's been rearranged.

    Thanks for having your Pimp and Promote party today! I'd love to promote my friend Sheri Fink who has a new children's book out today. You can read a bit about how sassy Sheri is on my blog:


    And I would love to pimp out Seth Godin. His blog posts are always informative. I especially liked this post:


    Again, thanks for being a fabulous hostess!

    1. Jenny Vu!!! How funny is that. Hey, when I'm blog mistress over here, we do my stuff. Ditto for my other 4 gals at WITS. 🙂

      I love both your pimp and your promote. Seth Godin's my man! Nice to see you here, Tameri!!!

      1. Hi Laura! Hope you're keeping that fancy cast propped up. I'm so glad you went with glitter. Glitter makes everything better. Well, sort of. But not if you're naked. Then it might, oh never mind.

  19. To promote: This may be a little self-serving, but my blog, Writerly Goodness. http://melaniemarttila.ca/ My current series is a bit of a bummer, but it's fairly important to me to share. The other stuff I share is definitely lighter fare 🙂

    I've been at it for just over a year and I've gotten into doing interviews with newly published authors, or authors who may be less known but have a new book out. Because of that, I have someone to pimp for you too!

    To pimp: Hally Willmott got in touch with me because of Writerly Goodness (something that says I've been somewhat successful). She is a local writer who will be publishing her first YA fantasy novel this May. This past week, I posted my interview with her in conjunction with her cover reveal event on Facebook.

    Blog: http://www.hallywillmott.com/
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hallywillmottnovels
    Twitter: @HallynJerry
    G+: https://plus.google.com/109762782202193708340/posts
    That is all 😉

  20. Sharing is love. Thanks for Promote/Pimp.

    Promote: One of my writing projects for 2013 is 52 Ways to Stop Pedophiles. These edgy blog posts can be found on http://vagilantes.com. I'm writing a post for today titled: Booby Trap Infant Sex Doll – 12/52 Ways to Stop Pedophiles. Sad to say, such dolls are easy to find. I'm trying to let readers know about the real world of pedophiles and the people who work to stop them. Feedback and other content welcome.

    Pimp: http://www.hungryforchange.tv The documentary Hungry for Change is available for FREE viewing for about 8 more days. It's a fascinating movie about the US food industry and self-care through food awareness. (I saw it a few weeks ago. Since then, I've have lost 10 pounds and gained many benefits.) This movie may change your life.

  21. Okay, since I am Kathy Owen's Mistress of Ceremonies, (This has been a bigger job than I had anticipated, LOL!) I am promoting Kathy's new Book, "Dangerous and Unseemly." http://www.amazon.com/Dangerous-Unseemly-Concordia-Mystery-ebook/dp/B00BIOACIC

    Y'all have to go out right now and buy this mystery book!

    That reminds me, it's time for me to post clue #5 about Kathy's Murder Mystery on Facebook! I know someone knows who the murderer is. Hmm?

    Oh, and I will promote my blog this week, "Hello, I Love You, Let Me Jump in Your Game" at http://www.karenmcfarland.com/hello-i-love-you%e2%80%94let-me-jump-in-your-game
    How do you like to communicate? Are you a techie or do you prefer a more personal touch?

    Thanks Jenny!

    And Tameri, come sprinkle some glitter over at my place and don't forget to wear your blue hair! 🙂

    1. Tameri has blue hair?? Dang, and I thought the pink hair was hot. I didn't know she had multiple hottie wigs. (Bring those to DFWCon, OK??)

  22. Yay! Thanks for the opportunity to pimp and promote. You all rock! 🙂

    Hmm, for myself, I know a lot of people like the beat sheets I've put together (for Larry Brooks's Story Engineering, Michael Hauge's 6 Stage Plot Structure, and my very own Romance Beat Sheet), so here's a link to my Worksheets for Writers page (I have a link to Liz Davis's Save the Cat beat sheet there too): http://jamigold.com/for-writers/worksheets-for-writers/

    For others, I love that TechGuy Jay is now giving Internet Security classes. (http://wanaintl.com/event-registration/?ee=125) He gives tips for safer web surfing, how NOT to get hacked, etc., etc. Great stuff!

  23. PROMOTING: Finding Esta - Volume One of The Supes Series is doing rather well with reviews - averaging 4-5 on Amazon (http://amzn.to/16OLVca) and Goodreads. I'm delighted and immensely relieved. Learn more about it here: http://bit.ly/14qbazc

    PIMPING - Who doesn't need "5 Proven Ways to Wake Up the Draggy Bits in Your Novel" by Karen Sandler at times? (http://karensandler.wordpress.com/2013/03/19/5-proven-ways-to-wake-up-the-draggy-bits-in-your-novel/)

    Loved - "The Clock is Ticking — 5 Tips for Tighter, Cleaner Writing" by the wonderful Kristen Lamb (http://warriorwriters.wordpress.com/2013/03/15/the-clock-is-ticking-5-tips-for-tighter-cleaner-writing/)

    And last but not least, I recently joined a very active and informative author/publishing group on G+ and wanted to share it with you - APE: Authors, Publishers, Entrepreneurs.
    APE: https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/115977401813171258800
    PLUS - APE: The Book: Check out their book about how to publish and get involved in the conversation. If you fancy it, of course. I have it (along with many other peeps) but I am yet to read it. It’s at the top of my list though because it sounds awesome:

  24. Wow! So many great people here, Jenny! I'm so very honored to be included, and SO grateful for the #JudyBlumeProject share!

    So, I'd like to promote the other piece of my heart, which is my website and blog over at http://www.GlutenNaziMom.org, where I hope to help those who are dealing with three main issues I feel are crippling Americans, particularly: depression, anxiety disorder & other forms of mental illness and neurodegenerative diseases (Alzheimer's, dimentia, etc.), IBS (including colitis & Crohn's Disease), and chronic pain (including arthritis, fibromyalgia, etc). I hope your readers will check it out and perhaps share it with someone they love, to help put them on a very possible path to healing.

    And I'd be delighted to pimp out my delightful partner in all things Judy Blume crime, Dana Talusani over at The Kitchen Witch @thekitchwitch http://thekitchwitch.com/
    She is absolutely the inspiration and the driving force behind this amazing project, and I can't thank her enough for bringing me along on this ride.

    And truly, Jenny, I can't thank you enough. I happened upon WANACon and all you wonderful disciples of Kristen Lamb's too late to participate in the last one, but I look forward to being fully invested in it with all of you in June! What a fantastic, supportive group of inspirational writers.

  25. Oh wow, what a great idea. That Chuck Wendig is a brainiac 🙂 Thanks for carrying it on your blog and letting all of us share and discover new to us treasures.

    Promote: One thing I'm really proud of is my second genie romance, A Tale of Two Djinns. Fifty percent of the proceeds go to UNICEF to support education. Together my readers and I are making a steady and positive difference.

    A Tale of Two Djinns is a sexy take on Romeo & Juliet with genies, feminists, feuds, magic and a happy ending. http://amzn.com/B007IOFCGI

    Pimp: Southern Magic, the Birmingham RWA chapter, has helped me find the friends, the support and the encouragement to keep writing my stories. And for that I'm grateful. They are a fun bunch that puts together awesome contests and events (I love their annual Romance Readers Luncheon). http://www.southernmagic.org/index.html

    UNICEF for being all around the globe and working to find solutions to so many issues that oppress our human family. http://www.unicef.org/

    1. Hey, Rashda, fellow Stellar Scribes member. Love the UNICEF connection. And shall we both pimp for Margie Lawson? (Though she doesn't need it.) I certainly credit her with my first sale. Getting ready to "Margie-ize" my next book.

  26. I got pimped! Squee! Thanks, Kim! And thank you, Jenny, for spreading the word about the Judy Blume Project! We're getting tremendous response to this labor of love, and your support means the world.

  27. Kim, Jenny will be scooting her gluten-free hiney over to your place, I'll bet!
    I'd rather have Tourette's (no people, I don't already have it, that's just potty mouth) than have to give up bread. It's my FAVE food group!

    1. You and me both, Laura. I gave bread up for Lent, and I've gained 5 pounds because I've subbed in extra wine and ice cream! This so didn't work they way I needed it to. LOL Next time it will be chocolate.

      1. Oh, Marsha, so glad I didn't have to try that one (thanks for being the guinea pig.)

        I tried smoking to lose weight in college - yeah, nice....I ended up fat, AND with a filthy habit that could kill me.

        Thank God, with age, comes wisdom. If I'd have been dumber, I wouldn't be here!

  28. Wow, Jenni, your 'pimp & promote' post has got to be one of the most popular ever! 🙂
    I followed the advice of a former post here about loglines, taglines, etc and it was really helpful. I'm working on editing my WIP at the moment with my writing partner. So, using the advice gleaned here, I have been able to work up a decent logline, tagline, 6-10 sentence pitch and even a synopsis for Aden Weaver & the Sasori Empire. Found on my website http://www.yvettecarol.com
    I would love to pimp my writing partner, the amazing Maria Cisneros-Toth. Her books are great and she knows her stuff. Check her out http://www.mariacisnerostoth.com 🙂

  29. Thanks for the 'pimp and promote' concept. I plan to implement something similar on my blog in the coming weeks.
    .I'm most proud of the recent release of my new Paranormal Romance novel "Archangels Creed 2: Summon Dorn". http://kenradaniels.com

    v+like to Pimp Azure Boone's Erotic Romance Novellas. Her "Broken" Series is intense and compellingr http://azureboone.com

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