June 26th, 2020

How to Develop a Memorable Character

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Craft | Ellen Buikema

By Ellen Buikema

Every writer dreams of developing characters who continue to lurk in a reader’s memory long after the story is over. Memorable characters, well-rounded dynamic beings who grow and change over the course of a book, will make a great story even better.… Read the post

June 19th, 2020

Tell Your Story Forward

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Blogging Guests | Craft

by Lori Freeland

What does it mean to tell your story forward? Whatever point you choose to drop the reader into your story, start there and move each scene forward in chronological order. The idea sounds simple, but it’s easy to think we’re doing it when we’re really not.… Read the post

June 15th, 2020

The Power of Pronouns -- Part 1

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Craft | John Peragine

by John Peragine

Some of the smallest words in English (and other languages) are pronouns, but they have a profound impact on meaning and emotions. Using them well in our writing is a powerful shortcut to help our readers.

Pronouns can be proclamations of our psyches to the world, about how we feel about ourselves and others around us.… Read the post

June 8th, 2020

The 8 C’s of Character Development

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Craft | WriterStrong

by Jenny Hansen

Every writer strives to create characters who leap off the page as unique, compelling, fully-formed people. We spend hours, days, and sometimes years to make them believable.

Recently, I attended a day job webinar that gave me new tools and perspectives for fiction.… Read the post


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