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The Boss Fight, Sherpas, and the Devil’s in the Details

by James R. Preston

Photograph looking down a rocky alpine slope at a mountain climber on a rope.

”Left, James, swing left!”

I pushed off and swung left just as a boulder the size of a refrigerator hurtled down the cliff toward me.

One of the principles of adult training is called the WIIFM, which is an acronym for What’s In It For Me.… Read the post

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Writing How-to: Create Characters Your Readers Love and Hate
African-American female at a coffee shop reading a book that's open about 1/2 way and she has a concerned look on her face as if she can't stop reading this exciting or concerning part.

You can create charming good guys and vicious villains, the hookiest of hooks, brilliant worlds, and twisty plots with the most intense cliffhangers, but if readers don’t care about your characters, they won’t recommend your book to their friends. Or worse, they’ll put the book down and never buy your books ever again.… Read the post

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Make Flat Characters Genuine in 8 (Sort of) Easy Steps
Image of two rows of paper dolls and their reflections in shades of green.

Have you been told you have “flat characters” in your story? Reel in your emotions and re-examine your characters. Does your character have little to no internal life? As your character moves through the story, does she overcome nearly every obstacle?… Read the post

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5 Tips to Boost Your Professional Writing Cred

by Lori Freeland  

Whether you’ve just joined the writing world or you’ve been around awhile, you’ve probably figured out that good writing takes time and practice. Thankfully, it’s a skill like any other and can be honed. While some parts may come naturally, others will need to be learned.… Read the post

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3 Easy Tips to Help You Revise Your Novel

by Janice Hardy

While there’s something exciting about writing a first draft, I always look forward to the revisions. It isn’t until I see how my story unfolds that I fully understand where I can make it stronger, and turning that literary lump of coal into a diamond is quite rewarding–and a lot of fun.… Read the post

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