April 7th, 2021

The Roles of Secondary Characters

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Ellen Buikema | Writing Craft

By Ellen Buikema

Secondary characters add depth and interest to the world your main character inhabits, helping to make the tale more memorable. They play a significant role in your story, but aren’t necessarily integral to the plot. These characters may be protagonists or antagonists of their own subplots.… Read the post

March 29th, 2021

Using Novel Writing Techniques in Your Memoir

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Blogging Guests | Writing Craft

by Ericka McIntyre

I’ve spent much of our Covid year learning about, editing, and writing my own memoir. Memoir is a form I think every writer should try to tackle at least once. Everyone has a story to tell. The exercise of writing a memoir can sharpen our memories and force us to write outside our comfort zones—always good practice for a writer at any level.… Read the post


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