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Keep Readers Turning the Pages

by Ellen Buikema

If you want your readers to keep turning the pages, answering some vital questions early on will help them commit to your story. While developing questions for your readers piques their curiosity, you’ll lose them if you don’t provide them answers.… Read the post

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Sweet, Scary, or Some of Each

by Laurie Schnebly Campbell

Image is of a little girl in a black witch costume with her wand raised and stars swooping from her wand to the open book in front of her for a sweet, scary, or some of each beginning.

Whether or not you have trick-or-treaters approaching your house tonight, you already know how you're going to entice them toward your door for treats or a good scare. Or how you're going to indicate "no point stopping here, just move along."… Read the post

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The Hardest Book I’ve Ever Written

Julie Glover

I’ve got more than 10 full manuscripts under my belt and several short stories as well. While none has been a breeze, some have come easier than others. I recently got to wondering which book was the hardest to write.… Read the post

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3 Principles to Make Your Story Experience as Real-to-Life as Possible

by Stefan Emunds

Image illustrates Storytelling and Psychology — The Yin and Yang of Storytelling with a photo like picture of a bald head with two faces, one red and one blue.

This is the second article of the article series The Yin and Yang Relationship of Psychology and Storytelling. The first article covered how to engage readers. You can read it here.

Why Do Writers Need to Know Psychology?

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Writing Through Life's Storms

by Eldred Bird

person in yellow rain coat looks over the sea with storm clouds above the horizon

Let’s face it, writing is tough and sometimes the problems we face in our daily lives makes it tougher. Five years ago, my father-in-law fell and broke his hip. This accident led to two hip replacement surgeries and months of physical therapy.… Read the post

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