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December 30, 2011

7 New Year's Resolution Ideas For Writers

by Charlotte Carter

Here we are looking 2012 right smack in the face. If you’re like millions of other people, you’re making resolutions about losing weight and exercising more. Chances are good that 90% of those resolutions will be broken or forgotten by the end of January.

If you are a writer, published or unpublished, you’re hoping this New Year will bring Fame and Fortune. Or more realistically, you’re hoping for a contract that will help to build your career.

I have some suggestions for your New Year’s Resolutions:

1. Make writing a priority. It’s way too easy to get off track if you don’t stick to your guns. Family and friends make demands on you. A good movie opens at the local theater, you promise yourself that you’ll get back to your writing schedule tomorrow. Don’t count on it!

2. Spend time with other writers. No one understands a writer’s fears, failures and successes like another writer. Not even your mother.

3. Don’t let the business get you down. Nora Roberts says, and I believe her, that it was hard to get published when she started writing. Getting published in the traditional way is still hard. Get used to it.

4. Develop a presence on the Internet. Editors do check authors’ blogs and websites. But remember Resolution #1 - don’t spend all of your writing time fussing with your Internet exposure and forget about your goal of being published.

5. Improve your craft. Attend workshops and conferences, take classes online, find a critique group that will encourage you and help you to grow. This is part of making your writing a priority.

6. Keep yourself mentally and physically healthy. Yep, you do have to exercise, spend time with friends and family, and find ways to fill your creative well.

7. Read. A lot. Both in and out of the genre you’re writing. I guarantee that won’t be a burden.

Happy writing in 2012! Here’s to making all your dreams come true.

What are your writing resolutions for the New Year?

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Charlotte Carter

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0 comments on “7 New Year's Resolution Ideas For Writers”

  1. In total agreement. I'm going to depend on ROW80 to help me keep on track this year! Now, if I can just get some coffee in me, I can make my morning start...

      1. After my roommates take me out for my birthday breakfast, my first order of business is to go over to the ROW80 site and officially sign up - whatever that process is. And...I'm spending the rest of my day planning for the event. What a wonderfully relaxing way to spend a birthday.

        1. Lara, there's no signing up - just get your goals in order and check in with that post on Wed, Jan 4th. 🙂

          I'm looking forward to seeing you over there, you impressive lady, you.

    1. LOL on the burp, Laura! Brain cells staged an intervention on my taste buds yesterday. They're now in the one-day-at-a-time program for no chocolate or sugar or whipped cream.

      Early morning question from hubby: "You have everything you need to make a pecan pie, don't you?"

      1. OMG, once I start eating sugar, it's hard to stop. I never thought I'd say it, but it's a good thing I get headaches (sugar spikes 'em) or I'd be big as a house.

  2. My only resolution is: Write. Simple. The more you do, the better you get. If I had to add a second one, it would be: read. I've learned more reading good authors in and out of my genre than I probably did reading craft books. Craft books tend to give you the 'rules', successful authors show you what works. Happy new year everyone.

  3. Spend time writing and exercise. For me, it's so darn easy to fritter away my time on "being" a writer and forgetting that what really counts is putting words to paper -- or computer -- and reaching the big finish.

    Thanks for a great post, Sharla. 🙂

    1. Sheila, 2012 is a whole new time for the words on paper thing. I just to belong to a Yahoo group called BIAW (Book In A Week) and their motto was BIC HOK TAM for:

      Butt in Chair
      Hands on Keyboard
      Typing Away Madly

  4. Timely list, Charlotte! 2012 is going to rock! How can it not? I have Kristen's BTBB class in Jan/Feb, WWBC is a 30 minute drive away and I got "the nudge" from David Walker.

    That Jenny Hansen Cowbell clanged me into joining LLC and Row 80.

    Here's to success (however each person defines it) in 2012!

    1. Tameri, great idea about paying ourselves first with writing. I've never thought of it in that context before. That was just what I needed to make some things click. Thanks!

  5. Thanks, Charlotte. Most of these are on my list of Christmas Gifts to Myself. I find it harder to allow myself to "break" a gift to myself than a resolution. 🙂

  6. Kicking and screaming all the way, I WILL get a website and maybe a blog. It's intimidating--at least for me--I've had so many things go wrong over the years just with e-mails, connection problems, that I've been burned badly enough that the idea of complicating life more stops me. What did you do that worked? What steps do you use to handle the inevitable problems? Please comment! Thank you.

    I will pass along a tool I use that works and paints a good picture. [from one of RMFW's monthly programs]. I've set up an Excel spreadsheet with six months, numbered by day. Beside each day are two columns. One is for the hours I actually wrote. The next column is for comments. Writing admin I note it in the comments column, not the writing column. The total hours per month is summed up. What surprised me is not so much the hours I've written, but the number of days it takes to revise! Best wishes to finish and sell your book!

    1. Carolee, you might want to start with a WordPress blog and, if you're feeling like really going for it, try to sign up for Kristen Lamb's Blogging To Build Your Author Brand class that starts this next week: http://www.whodareswinspublishing.com/WIF_Workshops.html

      I promise it will be the best $40 you ever spent. Put off doing a website or anything of the sort until after Kristen's class. It's online and runs Jan/Feb via Yahoo group.

  7. Carolee, the truth is I have a blog but not a website. (I did while writing as Charlotte Maclay, but she died a quiet death at the hands of the publishers. Sigh.....) So one of my goals this year is to put up a Charlotte Carter website, which will also promote the rebirth of Charlotte Maclay in e-books. All very confusing.
    Char.......(whatever my last name is)

  8. Very encouraging post Charlotte!

    I am joining ROW80 and my first post comes out tomorrow. I am taking a new course with Bob Mayer helping writers become balanced between writing and business. I am currently working with Donna Newton at the WWBC, blogging, writing my second novel. Okay, I think that's enough. Boy I hope I didn't bite off more than I can chew.

    You all have a great year in 2012! 🙂

    1. Karen,

      YOU are going to have an AWESOME 2012!! Don't forget to take walks and have dates with your hubby and celebrate the little milestones along the way. 🙂

  9. Write More. Read More. Spend Less Time on Interwebs. I can do that. Thanks!

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