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September 13, 2019

11 Greatest Hits from Our Hosts

Remember when we used to buy a whole album of music from an artist? If you don't remember, just roll with me anyway. (And stop making me feel so old!)

Quite a few of my albums—both vinyl and CD—are collections of most popular or beloved songs; that is, the artist's Greatest Hits. Well, today is a greatest hits day here on Writers in the Storm!

Because below are the top 11 posts of all time written by our hosts. You'll surely see one here you'll want to click on — either because you hadn't seen that post before or you want the refresher. Enjoy!

Organize Your Novel with Excel

Do you long to "see your novel by the numbers?" If so, Laura Drake's method of organizing will change your life.

10 Bits of Stellar Writing Advice from J.R.R. Tolkien

Tolkien never expected his books to do more than line the trash heap. Here's great tips from a man who wrote for the joy of it, and never gave up. Courtesy of Jenny Hansen.

4 Secrets of a Writing Contest Judge

Fae Rowen shares secrets of a writing contest judge.

When You Think Your Writing Sucks

Julie Glover shares quotations from writing giants to keep you going when fear and self-doubt inevitably set in.

Getting to the Bottom of Your Characters

Laura Drake shares her notes from a workshop conducted by story structure coach Michael Hague.

Escalate Story Tension with Dirty Fighting

Deepen your internal and external conflict with Dirty Fighting. What is it, and why do you want your characters to do it? From Jenny Hansen.

8 Easy Ways for Your Characters to Show Love

Fae Rowen shares eight simple ways that characters—and real people!— can show their love.

Cadence - Writer's Glue

Laura Drake shows the importance of cadence and demonstrates with examples how to use it to power up your writing.

10 Success Tips from J.K. Rowling

J.K. Rowling's Top 10 Tips for Success (for writers and non-writers). Compiled by Jenny Hansen.

4 Easy Edits That Make Your Story Flow Better

Julie Glover shares 4 easy edits you can make that invite the reader deeper into the story and give a stronger impact.

Why You Should Write Flash Fiction

Laura Drake provides a "how to" on writing flash fiction, with examples.

Do you have a favorite post on Writers in the Storm? What's your vote for a "greatest hit"?

9 comments on “11 Greatest Hits from Our Hosts”

  1. I love this round up! Thank you for putting it together- many of these I have read but a few I haven't yet. 😉

    1. Thanks! I love posts like this too, so I hoped our readers would enjoy it as well. And by the way, if we did a greatest hits of guest bloggers, you'd definitely be on that album! 😉

    2. Excellent, Angela! And when Julie was searching out well-read posts, she saw that yours are up toward the top of that heap. 🙂 Many thanks from us at WITS!!!

  2. Fun, fun, fun, Julie! In the "early days" my favorite posts to write were about my trips to the Middle East and going on safari in Kenya and Tanzania. They weren't about writing so much, but they had good pictures and stories! Thanks for the memories!

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