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November 15, 2019

An Important Writing Tool: The Wellness Wheel

by K. Maze

Dear Writer Friends, it’s November. The time of holidays, deadlines and NaNoWriMo.

We have lives full of responsibilities, but we are also builders of amazing mind worlds, and if we don’t take care of ourselves, our stories suffer and so do we! How can we enter the season of celebration without wearing ourselves down to a nub?

This is my debut post at Writers in the Storm and I'm focusing on gratitude. To help you show your thankfulness for the gifts you have as writer, and to offer some advice on how to take care of those gifts. 

Take a minute to check in with your overall wellness.  

Writers get upper back cricks and lower back spasms.  We have underused legs from forcing ourselves to sit in the chair and write.  We deny ourselves the pleasures of spending time outdoors and write long after the rest of the household has gone to sleep, because most of us have another job to accomplish as well.  What is the price?  How do our bodies react? 

Behold, the Wellness Wheel.

The wellness wheel can keep us from spinning wildly out of control. “Wellness is an active process of becoming aware of and making choices a healthy and fulfilling life. Wellness is more than being free from illness, it is a dynamic process of change and growth,” according to researchers at UC Davis.

This goes beyond the yearly doctor’s visit to not just live, but to thrive.  Writers create life-giving prose. Can you imagine the energy we can enjoy when we take care of ourselves?

Some Wellness wheels contain 8 domains but more commonly the wheels use 7 to evaluate one’s overall well-being.

A Breakdown of Wellness Domains

Where you stand in each domain can vary.  If you are up on your word count and rocking the NaNoWriMo, you may be neglecting walking your pet, biking, or jogging.  Perhaps you are having a hard time meeting your deadlines because you are enjoying too many evenings in with friends or bingeing Netflix dramas. 

Try one of these assessments based on your personality.


This tool is useful for anyone trying to keep their life in balance.  Simply read the statements and color the wheel wedge to represent how you manifest this area of well-being. Examine your color-coded assessment and answer the reflection questions to take steps to a more satisfying life.  


This inventory developed by Princeton University can help one figure out their wellness numerically. Identify how often the statements are true about you.  Add up the totals for each section and notice any discrepancies.  These may be places to iterate your lifestyle.


This article lists ways to identify wellness action you take in your life. Take a moment to reflect on which areas you could adjust your well-being.

Keeping your monster in check.

It benefits no one if the writer-in-residence is cranky or 'hangry.'  I have a routine that includes checking my energy levels to determine which activity I want to do most. A little self-examination can be a cathartic culling of activities that do not suit you. 

I’ve included my own routine to show a few ways I push myself.  This is not a rigid set of mandates since I found that depletes my energy.  Figure out what works for you.

My Wellness Wheel Balancing Act

#1 - Physical Exercise

I leave myself wiggle room for the ups and downs that drive us to write in the first place! Having choices allows me to adjust to my mood and fatigue level, and to accomplish the work or maintain my most important relationships.  I force myself to do half an hour of yoga in the morning and also at night.  I will skip the night yoga if I walk the dog for that amount of time instead.

Unexpected health benefits:

  • My level of headaches decreased to almost zero.
  • My energy to run after injuries increased. 

To keep myself motivated and to include my people, I signed the whole family up for a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving.

#2 - Eat Well

I credit my daughter's immune disease for making large changes to our family eating patterns.  We try to eat clean and gluten free to accommodate her dietary needs.  The older two daughters have gone vegetarian as well. 

Fresh veggies, big box store meals in the freezer and healthy grab-n-go snacks help everyone stay on target with nutritious food within our budget.

#3 - Sleep

Wearing a health tracker has changed my views on sleep.  Regular rest has helped my energy level and stamina - both in exercise and writing!  Using a sleep mask and earplugs also made a difference in the quality of my sleep.  I rarely stay up past 11 and always get up during the same 1-hour window.  I allow myself to hit snooze on 'tired' days and I feel like I'm sleeping in. It works for me.

10 Hilarious Memes About Being Sleep Deprived from Reading

#4 - Professional reading and learning.

Writers have to exercise their brains. Even when I'm not taking classes, I have nonfiction and genre books around my nightstand.  I tend to read before I go to sleep (and avoid thrillers) so I can get tired after reading a few pages. It keeps me abreast of what is new and interesting in my field and my mind mulls it over as I fall asleep.  Win win.

#5 - Hobbies/ activities

I am a writer and spend time with writers and bloggers, which I find refreshing and fun. But my non-writer tribes keep me balanced as well.

One completely nonsense activity I relish is my neighborhood book club that opted *gasp* for movie versions instead.  My 'Cinema Sisters' take turns hosting a cheap, low prep, movie night at each other’s house.  We bring snacks and beverages to watch Hallmark movies or old throwbacks.  One lady held hers docked on her husband's fishing boat where we watched the original "Overboard."  Spending time with friends keeps the rest of the stressful things in perspective. 

To sum up...

My journey to wellness requires regular maintenance and micro adjustments. Keeping tabs on myself allows me to be my optimal self in all the important areas of my life: spouse, parent, friend, and writer.

Check in with your wellness wheel this November and remember to take time to refine the best character of all - your own.

What has improved your writing life? Comment below to share your tips. Or, just share your favorite beverage and give Kris a warm welcome!

* * * * * *

About Kris

K. Maze Author

K. Maze first clutched a crayon to record how the bird escaped the wired cage in Kindergarten and has been spinning tales ever since.  Writing speculative stories stems from her reading classics by O Henry, Shirley Jackson, and Ray Bradbury. She's fascinated with strong female characters who tackle unbeatable odds. When Kris is not immersed in stories, she is outdoors hiking with her family and pets or pondering the wisdom of Bob Ross. You can follow her on her website: kmazeauthor.com.


22 comments on “An Important Writing Tool: The Wellness Wheel”

  1. Welcome, Kris! My favorite beverage is coffee. (And I drink far too much of it.) The only tool that has worked for me with health balance is Noom. There are coaches and reminders and alerts on my phone.

  2. Wonderful article! We tend to forget to take care of ourselves. I need to find out what kind of sleep mask you use. Mine always slides off.

    1. I use a sleep mask when I have a headache and it helps so much. Plus, on the outside (where someone else can read it and have pity), it says BRING COFFEE.

    2. I use the REM sleep mask. It's on sale at Kohls currently for under 10$.
      It's soft and has a velcro strap that adjusts.
      My kiddos giggled when they first saw it - saying it looks like a 'face bra' - ha!

  3. I really needed this right now. Anyone who knows me knows I'm horrible at self-care. I've spent the last two years taking care of everyone else in my life and my writing has suffered for it. I'm just now finishing a book that should have been done a year and a half ago. As things calm down and I get back on track, these tips will help.

  4. Oh so many helpful and fun facts. Since I am an older writer, the aches and pains are definitely a fact of my life. But I want to be as healthy as possible and as active so I walk. I walk my dogs. I still keep my house where I live alone. But I do stay up too late too many times and on those nights, I need to stop and read instead of writing so I fall asleep. Thank you for this writing about a writer's wellness.

  5. So important! We each have different ways that we become depleted, and different ways that we refuel. Sometimes we need to go out into the world, get silly, run, hug a dog, look up at the night sky. And sometimes we need to step back and spend quiet time with ourselves. The challenge or me is knowing which I need at a particular moment! Thank you for this beautiful overview!

  6. Diet is where I need to get on top of things! It's so easy as a writer to snack on stuff that's not great for you.

    But you also mentioned the sleep mask, and I want to second how awesome that is! It's been so useful for me shutting out distractions so I can fall asleep. When I need it, I also use sleep meditation music through my headphones.

    Great ideas!

  7. I needed this right now. A friend passed away, my mentor told me my MS needs a major rewrite and family life never stops. My cup is empty, but I feel guilty about refilling it. This reminds me that, when we embrace wellness, everything improves.

    1. I'm truly sorry to hear this. Hang in there and I'm glad this could provide a little support. Wishing for some added sunshine into your world today. 🙁

  8. Welcome, and what a wonderful post! I love flavored lattes...I make butterscotch lattes at home (that, unfortunately, I managed to get my teenagers addicted to...oops!). My favorite newish thing that helps me write is a weighted blanket (and only because it helps me sleep, and without sleep I wouldn't be able to write).

    1. Thanks for responding, Sheri. I'm an aulait fan myself for coffee drinks!

      I'm curious about the weighted blankets - I hear so many good things about them. I'll have to try one!

      1. Kris, they're a game changer, especially since I have anxiety. But I think they're great even for those who don't have it. I'd look for a Black Friday sale because that's when I got mine last year, and they're not cheap normally.

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