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Author: Laura Drake

Writing Past The Fear

By Laura Drake

Having a hard time sitting in that chair and watching that cursor blinking at you? You are not alone. I’m afraid. Every. Single. Day.

We make excuses, like:

  • No time – I have a busy life!
  • Classes – I don’t know enough
  • Research – I don’t know enough
  • Too many plot ideas
  • Not enough plot ideas
  • No writer space – people keep bugging me
  • I will.
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First Page Critique

I’m currently teaching my First Five Pages class at Lawson Writer’s Academy. I love helping writers strengthen their all-important openings. Joe Zarek is one of my students, and has agreed to allow me to share his ‘before and after’ first page.… Read the post

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Use Comparison for Power

Laura Drake

Capture your reader's heart AND mind with comparisons

Description, run-on words, similes and metaphors are all ways to get your meaning across to your reader. I got the first two, but metaphors and similes....they were a bit fuzzy (school was a looooong time ago for me).… Read the post

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The Hardest Goodbye


I looked it up. This blog was born in April of 2010, when our critique group sat in Charla Rae’s office and came up with the crazy idea of a blog to help writers improve their craft and not feel so alone, working in solitude.… Read the post

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Social Media: You're Doing it Wrong

Laura Drake

Everyone has seen Mr. Mom, right? My favorite line from the whole movie is when Michael Keaton is dropping his kids off at school, pulling into the circular drive against traffic, and like four moms tell him, "You're doing it wrong."… Read the post

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