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How To Remove The Author Voice For Deep Point Of View

by Lisa Hall-Wilson

voice pattern

In deep point of view, the goal is to immerse the reader in the character’s lived experience of the story journey. The reader isn’t being told a story by an author about one, or many, characters. Rather, the character is living out this story in real time with the reader in their head the whole time.… Read the post

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6 Questions To Go Deeper With Subtext In Fiction

by Lisa Hall-Wilson

Looking for a quick effective way to take your writing up a notch? Subtext. K.M. Weiland calls it the black belt of fiction writing. When you can replace spoken dialogue with silent communication, with familiarity, shared goals, etc.… Read the post

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How To Eliminate Info Dumps In Deep Point Of View

by Lisa Hall-Wilson

Hobbit House

No one likes reading an info dump, but we writers justify their existence because we’re sure the reader needs all this background information here, right now. Info dumps kill the pace and tension in your story and readers may just put down your book and walk away forever.… Read the post

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9 Things Writers Need To Know About Trauma And Mental Health

by Lisa Hall-Wilson

trauma - a destroyed apple cart with mashed apples spilled

Trauma and mental health issues can be uncomfortable to discuss, but there’s no denying the internal conflict these storylines intrinsically create. We live in a society that prioritizes politeness, civility, predictability, and generally keeping a lid on things.… Read the post

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4 Ways To Write The Lived Experience Of Trauma

by Lisa Hall Wilson

Trauma can create great internal, external, and interpersonal conflict, but readers are not interested in clinical definitions or objective recitations of symptoms. Trauma needs to be more than emotion-theatre. It should make your character’s journey more difficult and be specific to the journey ahead of them.… Read the post

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