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July 4, 2011

A Fourth of July Mash Up!

I didn't realize it had been so long since we've had a mash-up -- we had a ton of links for you!  I've tried to organize them into categories, but it was like herding cats!  Have a wonderful Holiday for all our readers in the States!

Changes in the Market:

Is publishing turning into the wild west? - By Randy Ingermanson
Publishers Plan a one-stop book site – NY Times article

Indy and Epublishing:

3 Publishing Trends Writers need to be on top of – by Jane Friedman
Author Marketing lists book marketing articles  
Market news, Entangled Publishing by Cindy Myers
Love me, read me, buy me, promoting
Why authors fail
Setting up a brand page on Face book without needing a personal profile
Estributor a new position for agents
How to advertise your book on a budget

Amy Shojai’s Tuesday Tip Series on all thing DIY and Kindle are WONDERFUL!


Tools to promote your blog – from Galleycat
10 steps to blog fame

For any of you who worry over your Blog/Twitter/Facebook numbers like a mother hen, this post is for you!


Transition words for INTENT  
Making the past come to life 
What’s in a character name

Inspiration / Creating

37 plot situations
Thinking outside the box 
Theme Generator
Common book themes
Great First Lines to Inspire you

Stray Cats:

Writing Contests, the best ones to enter
Anatomy of a kiss
So you want to be a writer A video
Struggling With Burnout
Advice on Zen Habits
A great mash-up from Piper Bayard – The End is Near and We Deserve it…
10 MORE ways to support authors you love…by Chuck Wendig
Haley Whitehall has a great list of Mark Twain quotes to make every writer smile.

Gene Lempp gathered a magnificent list of Blog Treasures so the rest of us writers wouldn’t have to – AWESOME list!

If you don’t hop on over to Mystery Writing Is Murder every Sunday for Twitterific, you are missing out!

And finally, just for the Holiday:

If you want to get a peek at the Declaration of Independence, and hear Lee Greenwood sing, get on over to Angela McGill’s July 4th blog, Celebrate Your Independence.

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