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November 23, 2011

Writers in the Storm Are Thankful for . . .

As we begin the Holiday Season, Writers in the Storm would like to take today to share what we're thankful for, but don't worry.  We are indeed thankful for an ocean of things, but we limited ourselves to gratitude as it relates to our writing.

And on Friday, we're excited (and grateful) to have as our guest blogger, Jody Hedlund with a post on  4 Steps For Organizing Plot Ideas Into a Novel.

Laura Drake:

  • My Crit group - Charla Rae, Fae Rowen, Jenny Hansen, and D.A. Watt. These beautiful ladies were the real start of my writing career - and they walk beside me every step, helping to weather the storm!
  • My Mom - for giving me my solid work ethic and British stiff upper lip.
  • My "girls" - no, not those! I mean the girls in the basement, cranking out ideas and solutions to insolvable plot problems!
  • My agent - Nalini Akolekar of Spencer Hill Assoc (still giggle inside when I type "my agent")
  • Sue Grimshaw - who helped me get my agent (giggle.)
  • RWA -  If you're a writer, and not a member, join. Now!
  • My amazing husband, who believed in me when I didn't, put up with the countless hours of my office time, and who is the core of every hero I write.

Jenny Hansen:

  • I'm thankful to all of my family -- they are every writer's dream. No one more so than my hubby, who always keeps me going, and understands that dreams take time and love to achieve.
  • Work and friends that fulfill me and help me "fill the writing well"
  • An online writing community that has given me a brand-new lease on writing. Special thanks go to Kristen Lamb and all the WANA crews...there would be much less Cowbell in the world without you. 🙂
  • Finally, to my critique group here at at WITS who believe in my writing, opened my eyes to blogging, and don't complain very much when I drag them to new technologies. Y'all have some serious writing cowbell. 🙂

Sharla Rae:

  • My wonderful crit partners who keep me on the straight and narrow. Still don’t know why they insisted I couldn’t dump a bowel over the heroine’s head instead of a bowl.
  • Thankful for all the writing support groups like RWA and all the on-line writing groups. Okay, so 6 chapters and various other groups is a bit much. What can I say, I need all the help I can get. 🙂
  • Thankful for what my husband calls my kinky sense of imagination.
  • I’m thankful I can make writing a full time job and that I can go to work barefoot and in sweats. A great office where I can drink a glass a wine at my desk while I write a hot love scene.
  • Thankful for my family who understands my disorientation when they phone in the middle of a shootout behind the Last Chance Saloon. Thankful my family stopped asking me why I insisted on papering the lampshade on my beside table with post-a-notes at least once a month.
  • Thankful that while many people look at me and say, “someday” I’m going to write a book, I’m actually doing it.

Fae Rowen:

  • For the readers of this blog site and their comments.  I now get how you can build an electronic relationship.  I'm so grateful people are interested in what I have to share.
  • For Laura Drake, Jenny Hansen, Sharla Rae, and D.A. Watt who have saved my b*** with the schedule when I'm blog mistress
  • For my parents and husband who surrounded me with unconditional love and support for my writing, even though they didn't understand my need to write
  • For my teachers--of writing and other disciplines
  • For the friends and people (and animals) who have crossed my path and taught me the lessons that inevitably end up in my stories
  • For my critique partners--past (Julie, Marie, Michelle) and present, who've praised and panned my work, and encouraged my craft to evolve and improve

D. A. Watt:

  • For my inner creativity tuned into beauty and light, evil and darkness.  And for the desire to transform these images and experiences, orally and in writing to offer hope to others and myself with thanks to the great creator of all.
  • For the support and love of my husband and parents who think I am all that, and my kids who I think are all that.
  • For my huge extended family, my friends, and the eclectic mix of humans and animals crossing my path.  Without them my life, my writing, and my art would be hollow lacking inspiration, empathy, and richness.
  • For my critique partners and for my readers who have taken the time to read my stories, offering help and hope.  YOU are all that, and more.

Happy Thanksgiving to you, our treasured readers!

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  1. This gal from NYC is thankful she found all of you here at WITS. You are the finest gathering of the word muse, the direct pitch, the stellar moment and with each post you make my days better. Happy Thanksgiving to all 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for being here and sharing your insights and tips on writing. You are gifts to those of us who lurk in the realm of the unpublished but hopeful! Have a wonderful Turkey Day!

    1. We all lurk in the realm of the unpublished (love that phrase!) until we get the call. The trick is to grow in craft and story telling so that we do get that call. Seems like you're growing right on schedule, Sherilyn.

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