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Creating Wow Power in Your First Paragraph!

by Margie Lawson

editing in the WOW factor

You’ve probably rewritten your first sentence and first paragraph more times than any other lines in your WIP. And still, it’s possible they could carry more emotion. It’s possible they could carry more power.

Which is why you’re here!… Read the post

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Writing Fresh: Laughs, Giggles, and Snorts that carry POWER!

by Margie Lawson

Business people laughing around a table covered with work

What's behind a laugh?

When people laugh, we almost always pick up what’s behind their laughter. We pick up nuances that add interest and depth and power.

We can usually tell if they think something is crazy-funny.

We can usually tell if they’re laughing at themselves.… Read the post

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Top Posts from 2022: The WITS Dynamic Dozen

Every year in January, we love digging into the stats and sharing the posts that got the most views and shares the prior year. Often these posts surprise us, and always they delight us.

Here are the "Dynamic Dozen" for 2022

Every single one of these articles wowed us, and it was interesting to see how many were from a long time ago.… Read the post

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Here Be Monsters: Writers Beware!

by Margie Lawson

Image is an illustration of the post Here there be monsters: writers beware that is a color drawing of an old sea map with Neptune and Poseidon at nine o'clock and three o'clock with eight other sea monsters forming a circle with them.

“Here Be Monsters” was printed on old nautical maps on regions that were uncharted. 

No one knew what was beyond. They didn’t know what they didn’t know. And unknowns were scary.

In those days, cartographers drew in the off-the-map areas.… Read the post

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Beware of the Great Oz Effect!

by Margie Lawson

Writers are the Great Oz for each of their stories.

You know all.

You see everything in your mind-video of every scene.

Sometimes you don’t realize that the reader doesn’t know and see everything too. Or you think you’ve shared enough that the reader would get it.… Read the post

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